Saturday Night Live’s Lost Diamond

Saturday Night Live! has a longstanding reputation for bringing laughter to its audiences. On a night in March, however, the show brought one New York City woman to tears. Bree Candee attended a rehearsal of the long-standing comedy show to celebrate her 36th birthday. After enjoying the taping with her husband and friends, she dined at the trendy Nobu 57 restaurant. While dining with her friend, however, she noticed the 4-carat diamond was missing from her wedding ring.

She and husband Brian searched frantically for the diamond, as did the restaurant’s staff, but the search proved fruitless.¬†Brian then phoned Saturday Night Live staging director Tom Popple, whom the couple had met earlier in the day. Popple informed the desperate husband, “Brian, I’m holding it in my hand as we speak.” Popple apparently found the ring under the seat that Bree had occupied.Brian, 35, felt utter relief and joy at the news. “It’s like winning the lottery. You can’t believe it.”

Bree was “still shaking” as Brian secured the diamond from Saturday Night Live’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza building and later placed it in her hand.”It’s one of my favorite things,” Bree said. “I wake up in cold sweats dreaming that I’m going to lose my ring – and the funny thing is, I did.”

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