Homer Simpson Declares Peace and Chicken for All in Episode 2116

The (dramatized) Simpsons

When Homer flashes Ned‘s bible study group, the good christian learns that he must try to embrace the obnoxious neighbor. With the helpful persuasion of a what-would-jesus-do bracelet, and the it’s-time-for-a-good-deed ¬†wall clock, Ned grows the courage to invite the Simpson family on the bible study’s journey to the Holy Land, Jerusalem. He would had turned him town, if his sarcastic response hadn’t drawn Marge’s attention, just in time for her to accept the offer, and insist that they’d pay their own way.

In Israel, Homer is forced by the Israeli Army to admit that potato pancakes – or latkhas – are as good as American pancakes, and that falafel can be delivered to the top of Mt. Zion. Bart is chased from the Wailing Wall by a special tour-guide’s super daughter, who works security for the tour, and uses Krav Maga to take him down. And, eventually, Ned has a mental breakdown, which leads to his banishment from entering a very special church.

Homer thinks that the upset christian runs off into the desert, and he pursues him on the back of a camel (aka a sand horse). But, he gets stranded in the desert, and is confronted by three heaven-sent vegetables, who deem him the messiah. When he gets rescued, the good doctor diagnoses him with Jerusalem Syndrome, just before the patient vanishes from the hospital bed.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Ned freaked out at Homer

They find him at the Dome of the Rock, announcing that every religion is part of the same clod of clay, and that everyone needs to celebrate the commonality of chicken; after all, Muslims, Christians and Jews can all eat it.

By the end of the episode, Homer urges all to spread the word, “Peace and Chicken!”

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