Soccer Teams Travel Delayed

Liverpool Soccer Player

Liverpool Soccer Player

Travel authorities and airlines have asked that all “non-essential travel” be delayed while they recover from the great delayed cased by the Icelandic volcano spewing ash in to European fly space. English soccer clubs Liverpool and Fulham took this to heart as they slowly made their way around the continent to fulfill their game commitments in Madrid and Hamburg. Instead, the teams used the roads and rails to arrive at their destination, and some feel they’re worse for the wear.

Other athletes affected by the ashy air space are boxing, tennis, motor sports, women’s soccer, diving and gymnastics competitors.  Liverpool and Fulham allowed a full extra day to get to their games scheduled for Thursday. Instead of a private jet, Fulham had to take trains and buses through the Channel Tunnel. Instead of a quick jaunt via plane, their grounded trek will take 10 to 12 hours. In a bonus for some, Fulham added two buses to the caravan just for their fans.

Liverpool, heading to Madrid, had a bear of a travel itinerary. They took three trains in to southern France, and then flew in to Spain. An overnight stop will help the players rest their bodies, but the travel is sure to affect them.

Teams who were slated to host out of town teams are seeing an advantaged. They are well-rested and ready for competition, unlike their road-weary counterparts.

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