Social Media Aids Travellers Stranded By Volcano

Social Media

Social Media

Travelers stranded by the Icelandic volcano spewing dangerous ash in to European airspace are finding comfort and resources via social media. The volcano has been erupting for nearly a week, completely grounding air travel in its wake. Ash contains tiny rock particles, which can be detrimental to the aircraft engines, thus causing what some have dubbed the worst flight delay since 9/11.
Social media has come to the rescue of these bedraggled travelers, and not just as forum to air grievances. Many are also finding rides and rooms vial Twitter and Facebook. Tod Brilliant, a California resident, created the Facebook group “When Volcanoes Erupt: A Survival Guide for Stranded Travellers,after he and his 31-weeks-pregnant wife Andrea were stranded in London.

“We’re feeling pretty helpless, and it’s therapeutic to help other people network,” said Brilliant. “There’s nothing more futile than shaking your fist at a volcano.”
“People have been very generous. A band of neighbors on tiny Percy Street in Stratford-upon-Avon have taken it upon themselves to make sure that Andrea and I have what we need,” Brilliant said. “It makes me want to cry thinking about it.”
While there is no guarantee as to when the airspace will be cleared, it appears that weary travelers have a virtual, and sometimes real, shoulder to lean on as they wait for their ticket home.

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