‘Speed Limits’ imposed on Miami Beach till Feb 2011.

Speed Limits on Miami Beach!

It’s time to reflect back on how fast we are heading and how far along we have come. ‘Speed Limits’ is the exhibit running on Miami Beach these days meant to help you do just that. The Wolfsonian-Florida International University celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Italian Futurism in the exhibit by capturing the pace of life through different forms and varieties of media like books and posters, drawings and renderings, clocks and video installations. While the subject of the exhibit is 100 years old when in 1909 the foundation and manifesto of Futurism declared that the ‘beauty of speed’ is enriching the magnificence of the world, this exhibit takes the legacy of Futurist Movement from celebration of speed to the impact of living life in the high lane.

Encompassing in about 200 different works and separated by five categories, each of the exhibits of Speed Limits leads us to thinking about the the influence of hurried-up actions on our everyday life and the consequences of an unstoppable rush we are into in this modern era.

The five domains on which the Speed Limits exhibits are focusing are Circulation and Transit; Construction and the Built Environment; Efficiency;  the Measurement and Representation of Rapid Motion; and the Mind/Body Relationship. Professor Jeffrey Schnapp of Stanford University is the curator of the exhibition which is based on his longtime research on the subject. It’s designed by architect Rene Gonzalez. It’s on view through February 20, 2011 at Wolfsonian-FIU, Miami Beach.

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