Starbucks Flavored Coffee Coming Soon To A Store Near You

Natural flavored coffee is new from Starbucks

About sixty percent of Starbucks customers purchase flavored coffee drinks, which has spurred the company to take action and begin packaging flavored coffee in grocery stores beginning this June, just in time for summer iced coffee fun.

The new flavors are quite familiar to current Starbucks drinkers: caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla.  Any other flavors have not been added to the list, but this is a good start since the Japanese have been enjoying powdered coffee called Via since last April with record sales.  The United States version will be ground, not powdered, and called Natural Fusions.  Packages will be sold in $8.99 11-ounce sizes, which is a standard ground coffee bag choice.

The Starbucks quality with this new line of coffee will remain in tact.  All three flavors will be derived from natural sources and without the use of chemicals or spray on artificial flavors, which is found in many other flavored coffees.

Just how many stores will be carrying this new line of coffee will be up to Starbucks, which currently plans to promote the Starbucks Natural Fusions in around 200,000 grocery stores in the United States.  The company expects sales to be high, which may prove to be a bigger sell than its instant coffee line.

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