Stop the Fees! Sell Your Cell Contract!

Paying hundreds of dollars in early termination fees. Having endless conversations with customer service people who each tell you something different. When you have problems with your cell phone provider, getting out of your contract can seem  expensive and impossible. All the power looks like its in the company’s hands, and your only choice is to keep taking poor service, or go broke trying to give someone else your business. But now the balance is shifting as web brokers start providing a 3rd party service. These new companies are giving people a place to sell their cellphone contracts to each other!

How does this work? It’s called an Assumption of Liability, and it’s already part of your contract. Most people just don’t know about it, so these companies make the process easier. First you register at one of the websites. You detail what you have to offer, including the monthly payment for your contract and how much time is left on it. Then, when someone is interested in buying your contract, they send you a message. The two of you work out an arragement, and the third party companies help with the paperwork and transfer of ownership. It makes things smoother for everyone, and helps you get out without having to pay hefty fees.

There are other benefits. The websites have a national reach, so you have access to an unlimited number of buyers. They encrypt and protect your information, so it’s much safer than community websites. And almost everyone gives their phone away for free, so buying a contract can save you money as well.

The internet has made a lot of things easier. Who thought breaking free of convoluted cell phone contracts would be one of them? Explore your options, and try selling out to get out.

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  1. Great read! Interesting topic – I wish this was around when I was stuck with sprint. Thanks for the info!

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