In Spite of Sundance Success, Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is Difficult to Distribute

A Banksy maid sweeps up the messy streets

A statement made possible by the mysterious Banksy

Though a frenzied crowd of hundreds lined up hours before its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, the success of “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” a documentary by the English enigmatic artist, Banksy, still failed to find an interested distributer.

Banksy is the notorious creator behind spontaneous street art that is both politically jostling, and – at times – absolutely hilarious. Two well-known examples of Banksy’s political humor are his portrayals of two male police officers locking lips, and a chimpanzee with the face of the Queen of England.

The film is an examination into the roots of the guerilla art scene – and¬†concurrently traces the rise of Thierry Guetta, Banksy’s videographer – which develops into a sly satirical rendition of the art world, the celebrity and consumerism. And, though it wasn’t sold to a distributor after all the love it received at Sundance, Cinetic Media developed the Producers Distribution Agency, with full intentions of releasing the movie.

One of the more politically-charged works

John Sloss, ¬†Cinectic’s principal, feels that the do-it-youself model is the best way to handle a film like”Exit Through the Gift Shop.” In a situation where neither the star nor the filmmaker are available for promotion, the success depends on using Banksy’s mystery as a selling point.

And, considering how many people showed up in 15-degree weather in hopes of admittance, there’s no reason to doubt that the movie will eventually find its way into theaters.

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