Super Bowl Champs Win Title, Glory and Diamonds

The New Orleans Saints charged towards victory Sunday in Super Bowl 44. They also charged their way to a piece of coveted, diamond-encrusted jewelry: the Super Bowl championship ring.

The Super Bowl ring, created specifically for each winning team, can be quite extravagant in its design. It usually includes a diamond in the shape of a football, or the Vince Lombardi trophy (a statuette topped with a football); but that’s just the beginning. Made of white or yellow gold, the ring also includes the Super Bowl and NFL logos, and is personalized with the player’s name, jersey number and team name.

Steelers Super Bowl Ring

The Steelers Superbowl ring

The NFL has certain design guidelines, but each team creates a ring that is unique. The team contributes their own design  ideas on top of the usual features, and this is where the ring becomes gaudy, ostentatious and just plain over-the-top. For instance, 2009 Super Bowl victors, the Pittsburgh Steelers, created a ring with a whopping 63 diamonds. The Super Bowl 24 ring awarded to the San Francisco 49ers tops the charts with three .35-carat marquis-cut diamonds and one 0.75-carat diamond set in a football-shaped white gold insert, surrounded by diamonds.

The NFL foots the bill for the Super Bowl ring which is usually priced around $5,000 each, depending on the current cost of diamonds and gold, up to a quantity of 150. In case you’re confused by the math, the quantity of rings covers not only the players, but coaches, trainers, executives  and anyone else the team decides to honor with a ring.

The Super Bowl rings are usually made by Balfour or Jostens, with the latter having created the diamond-rich ring for the 2009 winners.

So here’s to the Saints who will be adding quite a bit of sparkle to their victory march.

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