Johnny Depp is Honored at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards and Steals the Show

Written By: Rikki Lux

Johnny Depp Performs With the Black Keys at 2012 MTV Movie Awards
Johnny Depp Performs With the Black Keys at 2012 MTV Movie Awards


UNIVERSAL CITY, California – The 2012 MTV Movie Awards was gifted with the appearance of the iconic actor Johnny Depp this past Sunday evening, June 3. He was presented with the MTV Generation Award, and rock legends Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, who presented him with the award, described him as a “truly revolutionary artist.”

Those who have followed Depp’s career know that he has a stunning resume, including Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise – to name a select few. Those who have not followed his career may not know that his passion for performance extends to music as well.

With two rock legends and the rock band the Black Keys standing on-stage with him, Depp expressed his deep gratitude.  “I’ve got to thank MTV for this. This is quite an amazing honor, truly… And it’s an honor to be presented by these two legends, Steve and Joe, and these up and coming legends, [the Black Keys], so thank you very much.”

Depp celebrated his award with a guest performance playing guitar alongside the Black Keys for their song “Gold on the Ceiling.”  To the millions who watched the performance, it would be hard to say whether he is more passionate about acting in films or being on stage with a guitar slung over his shoulder.

His performance at the MTV Movie Awards is not his first time performing on-stage.  The start of his acting career manifested from his move to Los Angeles decades ago with the hopes of becoming a famous rock star.  As a teen, Depp fervently practiced on his guitar with dreams of success in mind, and even started a band named the Kids, but he ultimately found a different kind of success.

Although Depp has appeared in over 50 dramatic indie films and blockbuster movies, earning him a permanent place on the celebrity A-list (as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, numerous Oscar wins and nominations, and multiplying tattoos that have gained as much attention as his films), he never lost his desire for performing music.  Depp has made connections and performed with musicians, including Tom Petty, Oasis, The Pogues, Keith Richards, Alice Cooper and most recently, Marilyn Manson and Patti Smith.

His performance on guitar of “The Beautiful People” with Marilyn Manson at the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards was an unexpected move that shocked and pleased both Depp and Manson fans.

What’s next for Mr. Depp?  A collaboration with legendary musician Patti Smith and a lead role in Gore Verbinski’s adaptation of “The Lone Ranger.”

Aerosmith Plans 2010 Tour Of Europe

Aerosmith, Still Making Music

Aerosmith is planning a 2010 tour in Europe, after four decades and a nasty fall from center stage last year, you might think you’ve seen the last of Aerosmith.  I did…I had tickets and was eagerly awaiting the Aerosmith concert, when the news came that Steven Tyler, lead-singer and front man for the band had taken a spill and reportedly really injured himself.  So much so, that the tour was cancelled and my hopes of seeing them in concert were dashed.  

Apparently, Tyler’s accident wasn’t the only cause of stress in the band.  Rumors were that Tyler asked for a 2-year hiatus, to do his own thing, and band members were not willing to wait.  In fact, it’s said that they were actively auditioning singers to step in for Tyler.  Steven Tyler has adamantly denied these statements, and claims to be writing and collaborating with the band, and will be singing with them on tour.  Whew! That’s good, because I, personally believe that Tyler IS Aerosmith, and I wouldn’t want to see anyone else try and fill his shoes.  

The tour’s catchy title is “Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock”.  They will begin this summer in Europe.  On June 10th, the band will take the stage, performing at Sweden’s Rock Festival and after all the turmoil in 2009, it should be a phenomenal show.  Whatever took place behind the scenes, there seems to be renewed energy between the band members, and that can only equal an exciting stage presence.  

In the end, maybe it’s a good thing I missed that concert…the next one I catch should be even better than the last!  

Concert Dates June 10- Sweden, Rock Festival 

 June 13- UK, Download Festival 

 June 15- London, UK London 02 Arena 

 June 18- Bucharest, Romania 

 June 20- Athens, Greece, Olympic Stadium 

 June 23- Holland, Nijmegen Goeffert Park 

 June 25- Belgium, Graspop Festival 

June 27- Barcelona, Spain, St. Jordi Arena  

June 29- Paris, France, Bersy Arena July 1- Prague, Czech Republic, Prague 02 Arena 

 July 3- Venice, Italy Venice Festival