The iPhone Monopoly and Why You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty

written by: Amani Liggett

With a scratch-resistant and durable glass face!

A well-loved iPhone

Yes, it’s officially a cliché to have an iPhone by now. The last time this author attended a music concert, an the inevitable rock ballad came on, all the phones came up in the air.

The singer actually stopped to mention something along the lines of, “can we take a moment to look at how many of the phones being held up are iPhones? Oh my God.”

Sometimes, I feel a bit embarrassed or overly privileged to have one, but lets look at the reality of the product. Apple products are well-made, and remarkably easy and fun to use. Everyone from the elderly to toddlers can navigate iPhones.

According to a smartphone user survey, iPhone users 89% more likely to get an iPhone as their next phone purchase. The same can’t be said for BlackBerry at only a 42% chance of users being likely getting another one. Furthermore, 99% of smartphone applications bought in 2009 were Apple apps. And as of March 2011, Apple has sold 108 million iPhones. Yes, they are everywhere.

But so many people like them because they work, and when they don’t work, Apple will fix it for you with very little hassle. If you find your iPhone beyond repair, more often then not, they will give you a new one for little or no charge.

And yes, it’s cool to have one. Don’t feel bad, it’s nice to feel cool once in a while.

A designer at Complex magazine in New York, Jason Sfetko says it best, “When you see people with them, I’m like, `Oh, OK, they get it.”‘ But when you see someone with a BlackBerry, Sfetko says, “I might think, maybe they’re an accountant or something. They’re answering too many e-mails.” (NBC Bay Area, Why the iPhone is So Darn Popular)

Furthermore, according to calculations from The Guardian, Apple’s sales jumped nearly fourfold since October 2011 as the iPhone 4S was released. This is mainly due to the voice-controlled helper Siri. Siri is a big deal for consumers, it has skyrocketed the iPhone’s popularity and cool-factor; this is what we imagined when we saw sci-fi movies in the 90s, computers that talk back to us for everyday use. The voice assistant Siri helps the iPhone user send text messages, schedule appointments and set alarms by talking to it as you would a person, using natural language commands. Siri is also programmed with a sense of humor, and if that’s not straight out of a movie from the 80s or 90s, I don’t know what is.

Supply Shortages Predicted for New iPhone

The New iPhone 4

Analysts are predicting serious supply shortages for the new iPhone 4.  These predictions are a result of production issues with the new display technology provided to Apple by LG Electronics.  One of the key new features of the iPhone 4 is its new Retina Display which utilizes in-plane switching (IPS) technology.  This technology will provide an exceptional visual display and allow movies and photos to be viewed from nearly any angle.  This is possible because of the extremely high pixel density available with IPS technology

Low production yields of the IPS LCD panel produced by LG have reduced production volumes for the new iPhoneApple is hopeful that the transition by LG to Gen 5 LCD capacity late this summer will help bring the production of the new phone back on track.

In addition to the improved visual display made available by IPS, other differences between the new iPhone 4G and its predecessor include a 5 megapixel camera with HD video capability, LED flash, gyroscope, duel microphones, better speakers, an improved antenna, and front facing camera for video calling.  The basic model of the new iPhone will range in price from $199-$299 with new AT&T rate plans and will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

Apple iPhone 4g: Amazing?

Apple impresses even themselves with the iPhone 4

iPhone 4g - setting the bar for all smartphones!

If you haven’t heard about the latest Apple gadget, you probably don’t get out much. No I am not talking about the iPad… that is old news at this point. Apple wasted no time after that release and is already on to their next big thing. In order to stay one step ahead in the game, that’s exactly what they should be doing. Just when you think you have the first one figured out, Apple goes and makes a whole new (amazing) product to replace it with. Oh, by the way, I am talking about the new iPhone 4g, the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since, well, the iPhone.

Although it is an upgrade and not a brand new product, it’s as if you are looking at the iPhone for the very first time. Of course Steve Jobs, co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple, believes this to be the most advanced smartphone on the market, but there aren’t too many people out there disagreeing with him. That is a pretty big compliment, seeing as the phone isn’t even out yet. The pre-order date is set for June 15th, with the much anticipated release date following short after on June 24th. Unfortunately, word has it that due to the high demand for the phone, AT&T has suspended pre-sales for the phone. Apple is also now saying any 4g iPhone ordered from this point will not ship until July 2nd. Appropriately so, sales are expected to be record breaking.

There is plenty to tell you about the new features. I’ll start with my favorite; video calling. Apple’s “FaceTime” is the new and impressive way to communicate with anyone, worldwide. Of course there is skype, but you don’t always have your laptop with you when on the go. This works because there are two 5-megapixel cameras with built-in LED flash cameras on the iPhone 4g, one on the front and one on the back. Another perk of the cameras alone is the impressive high definition videos that can be created, even in low-light settings thanks to the advanced backside illumination sensor. I could stop there, but no worries I will continue.

With a scratch-resistant and durable glass face!

A three-way view of Apple's new (and much smaller) iPhone 4g. Also available in white.

The retina display is now 4x the pixel count of the previous iPhone models, allowing you to see things at an unbelievable sharpness underneath the all-new engineered glass. Which brings up the next amazing feature worth noting, and this one isn’t even within the phone! It’s the ultra-durable and scratch resistant glass. The iPhone 4g features two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass, the same type of glass used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains. In other words it is chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic. With all this going on you’d assume it’d be hard for Apple to “think green”, but they even covered that. This aluminosilicate glass is also recyclable.

New applications and application folders, better battery life, multi-tasking, wallpaper/background options, three-axis gyro, apple A4 processor, dual-mic noise suppression and much, much more. In a nutshell (or in a 4.5inch x 2.31inch x 0.37inch CNC-machined custom-made alloy band, forged to be five times stronger than standard steel), the iPhone 4g is amazing. Check out Apple’s official website to order yours or find out more.

The Apple of Technology’s Eye

Which will YOU choose?

Apple vs Microsoft - At home or on the go.

It is hard to believe that the most important and popular technology is no longer something that is plugged into (and even mounted on) the wall or sitting on your desk. The oldest generation, the great-grandparents and grandparents, still remember when the television was first invented. My parents generation can remember when that television turned from black and white to color. The twenty-some generation will say they can remember when flat screen was the only screen to have, more thin the better, maybe even 3D or LED, with blu-ray of course. Not only that, but which technology company is putting out the latest handheld device and which is creating the best and fastest software. And that is exactly what it has came down to between Apple and Microsoft.

For about two decades, Microsoft has been the number one name in the technology market. With popular items such as the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft has managed to dominate the relationship people have with their computers. This was reflected in their stock market capitalization. Although recently Wall Street has released it’s new top spot holder, Apple. Wednesday, May 26th will be a day that Apple is sure to never forget. At the close of the stock trading session, Apple’s capitalization was at a very impressive $222 billion! While Microsoft hung back in Apple’s shadow at an unusual number two, closing at $219 billion. There is no guarantee that Apple will remain on top, but the facts show that their products are what’s in and what’s hot.

Apple has managed to rise to tech stardom with just one letter, I. The iPod, iPad, iTouch and iPhones are the reasons Apple has become the world’s most valuable technology company. They are also the prime example of the shift from desktop computing to mobile computing. If you work on the go, you most likely have Apple to thank for that possibility. They also have capitalized on the music industry, not just with the gadgets, but the popular software iTunes.

Still, Microsoft remains a compelling, confident, profitable company in the tech world. Their windows software runs on 9 out of every 10 computers and more than 500 million people use the Microsoft Office suite software daily.

No one can predict the future, but Apple seems to be leading the way.

Introducing Apple’s Latest Creation, the iPad.

Apple's iPad

Introducing Apple’s Latest Creation: The iPad. The question is, is it worth buying?

You can’t go far in conversation without talking about today’s latest must-have, the iPad. Apple’s newest creation hit homes and businesses world wide within minutes of being released. Apple has taken a lot of the best features of some of the most well-known gadgets (netbook, e-reader, gaming consoles, photo frame, and iPod for example), consolidated them and created this sleek, super gadget. With first glance you most likely will compare it to their popular and successful iTouch, just bigger in size. The iPad measures 7.47 inches wide x 9.56 inches tall x 0.5 inch thick, and weighs a mere 1.5 lbs. The only thing that seems to be holding everyone back from owning it is the question “do I really NEED this if I already own a laptop and/or iTouch?”. Apple took it a step further and included video’s on their site in case you were thinking just that. Whatever justifications people are coming up with, it seems to be working.

The iPad does however have features that no other gadget does. The capacitive multi-touch screen uses a high resolution LED-backlight IPS (in-plane switching) technology and has an user-friendly operating system with an onscreen QWERTY keyboard. The iPad also comes with built-in apps that developers made only and specifically for it. The fascination with the newest apps are a huge reason of why Apple’s iPod, other smartphones and now the iPad are so desired. Moreover, they are not the only reason. The iPad has an Apple A4 1 GHz processor, Wi-Fi + 3G, holds up to 10 hours in battery life, assisted GPS, built-in speaker, and Bluetooth 2.1, just to name a few.

Apple's Multi-Touch iPad

Apple's iPad has many new apps for you to explore.

Like with every new gadget that comes out, it comes down to three main things before buying; the good, the bad, the price. Apple seems to think they have nailed it in every category with the iPad. The good: it’s a mix of the best-of-the-best gadgets that are available through Apple. The bad: it won’t ever be able to mock every single item out today. It has limited multitasking capabilities, lacks integrated video camera, flash support, and HD video output and already has people looking towards the next model that will (hopefully) have these improvements. The price: reasonable, starting at $499.00 for a 16GB and going up depending on the GB you want.

When it’s all said and done, the iPad comes across as a fun new toy to have, but not a must have. I would definitely recommend waiting for the second wave to hit once the developers and creators take all the criticism and glitches and create an even better model.

The iPad is available at your local Apple retail store or online on their official website.


Apple’s iPad : How Not to Fall for the Temptation.

In just a matter of month Apple’s iPad has captured the buzz all over. Over a million geeks have laid their hands on it. Your friends are going gaga over it. Every third person you meet is seriously considering buying one. Media is revving it up with nice reviews.

And you are just sitting and watching. Not that you are amongst those selected few born to hate Apple’s products. In fact you love the iPad. You have been to Apple store at least once to check it out. You are the first one amongst friends and relatives to know all about the interesting apps; even the latest ClamCase that can turn an iPad into a laptop.

But let’s just face it. Not all of us can afford a $$$ toy to play with. So we are here to tell you what to tell your friends, your girlfriend, and most importantly; your heart, why you don’t want to buy an iPad. At least not at the moment.

  • You want to wait for the second generation iPad. First gen is for suckers who are ready for immature hardware and software. Remember first iPod?
  • You already have a smart phone and a laptop; so iPad is redundant for you.
  • You’d rather buy a Netbook for half the price and get the same job done.
  • You can’t even watch ESPN, HULU etc as it does not support Flash.
  • You can’t do multi-tasking: not in third party apps.
  • You love taking photos and video conferencing with friends and oops! It doesn’t even have a camera.

Resist the temptation. There is no app for that yet.

Nobody Likes An Empire: Apple’s Turn With DoJ Monopoly Queries

Should she be blind?

Is Apple starting to be seen as an evil empire? For years Apple has reaped the rewards of the underdog, gaining a cult-like following from hipsters who revel in, and pay a premium for, not only product performance but counter-culture symbolism, too. While Microsoft took a beating the public and the DoJ for trying to be a monopoly, trying to starve competitors and corner any market they could, Apple was hailed as a kind of freedom fighter.

Well, now it’s Apple’s turn to answer questions about shady strategy.

For years the company has been inching toward vertical monopoly, making it difficult to get music from non-iTunes e-stores onto its devices and even more cumbersome to get iTunes music onto non-iPod devices. It’s just that its devices were too rad to make much of a stink about it; plus, doing so would only make you a pariah amongst the cooler-than-thou hipster class. Not so much, anymore.

Now that another high-cool-quotient company (Google) is turning out products to compete with Apple’s, such as the G1 phone, Apple absolutism is slowly eroding among tech-consuming trendsetters. And as that’s happening, the Department of Justice’s sometimes blind eye is starting see some things.

The DOJ and the Federal Trade Commission are considering a probe into Apple’s app rules, according to a report in the New York Post. It centers on the company’s ban on third party app development tools. But Apple has other more alarming practices, i.e., it decides which company is allowed to do what and say what on its hardware. Television manufacturers like Toshiba can’t control what on-air personalities say or do, can they? No, but Apple to a large degree does. It’s just that its iPhones are too hip for hipsters to worry about it. Maybe times are changing some more.

Google Chrome Is Now Faster With Added Features

The latest browser is now faster with new features

Die-hard Google Chrome users are now able to enjoy faster page load speeds after some improvements to the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks.

Mads Ager, Software Engineer at Google, recently reported that the new web browser has an increased rate of 35% more than its former Beta release along with some new features for Internet Users.

The new functions of Google Chrome include allowing people to sync their bookmarks on several computers through their Google account, and a new set of browser preferences like themes, homepage and start-up settings, web content settings, and language. Extensions are also now available for those who like to browse in private or incognito mode.

Google has also added more HTML5 functions to Chrome like Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop capabilities. The Adobe Flash Player plug-in is now integrated into Google Chrome for added security.

Apple users will be happy to learn that the browser is now available on Intel based computers running Mac OS X 10.5 or later.  Apple’s rival Safari browser is lagging behind.  Google’s Chrome browser has jumped from 0% of the market to 7% in 20 months compared with Safari, which has only grown 2%.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs has responded with a promise to boost Safari with the HTML5 support that Google Chrome already has.  In the meantime it seems that Google’s latest browser is quickly climbing to the top of the Internet world with new innovations and improvements coming our way.

Google’s reMail Acquisition Hurts Apple

Google is leaving no stone unturned to maintain its leadership position as an internet giant. Instead of declaring a full-fledged war on its rivals, Google is adopting what are called as guerilla tactics. Google recently acquired reMail, an iPhone application company. What the application does is not at all important, what matters is the fact that as soon as Google purchased this company, all the ties that reMail had with Apple’s App Store were severed immediately. reMail will continue to provide support to the application till March 2010, however, after that the application will be available through Google only.

Clearly, Google is amassing arsenals for the next war, which is going to be fought on mobile handsets. First it was development of Android, and then it was launch of Android powered phones, and now this acquisition. Though Apple’s

Google Vs Apple

Google's Apple

iPhone users will be disappointed, it is celebration time for Open Source users, which has much larger client base than App Store. Next on the shopping list of

Google is On2 Technologies, which again is a significant player in video streaming space. This again shows that Google has crafted a concise strategy to maintain its leadership position. Analysts may be worried over Google’s break-neck speed acquisition spree, but as long as the registers are ringing, does anyone really cares.