The Bi(n)g Idea of Entertainment!

Bing's music to the ears !

Microsoft’s aggressive attempts to revive their search engine by changing its name from MSN search to Live and then finally to Bing and positioning it as a decision engine has taken a new entertaining step.

This Tuesday, the company announced a new way to search the entertainment stuff where you can play games, watch your favorite soap operas and other TV content, stream music and shows, all without a second click, right on the Bing domain itself. This will perhaps make Bing look more like a web portal than a search engine page, while making the navigation much smoother for the average user who gets lost in the information explosion that comes with every search query that is made.

This new feature includes services from Zune catalog too, where each of several million songs on Zune can be played once for free and 30-second previews available thereafter.

It is noteworthy that presently 7% of all Bing searches (which accounts to 1.5 billion queries per month) are entertainment-related queries. This percentage is more likely to go up now with the introduction of this feature. Though Bing is still far from capturing Google’s number one position as far as search goes, this is surely a step in the right direction.

Retailers Continue to Depend on SEO Techniques

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Search engine utilization continues to grow as consumers become more and more internet savvy.  Of the over 15 billion internet searches that were performed in the United States throughout the month of May, 60% of them were performed on GoogleYahoo and Bing were the next two most popular search engines and have gained some ground over the past year.  Perhaps the biggest upset to the traditional search engine, however, was the increase in utilization of which saw 14% more searches than in the previous month., which started as an online book seller, has now expanded its product selection to include everything from books to movies to electronics.  As Americans increase their use of search engines to shop for products and services, search engine optimization is becoming an increasingly important part of companies’ business plans.  Over 90% of retailers that operate with an online presence utilize search engine optimization techniques to improve their visibility on search engines.  The ability to easily “shop around” for cheaper deals combined with no lines and a wide array of consumer reviews and readily available product descriptions has made internet shopping for certain products a smart solution for many consumers.  Retail organizations have responded and search engine optimization has continued to increase in importance for these companies.

Small Companies Rely on SEO Programs to Increase Traffic


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Small to medium sized business often have trouble maintaining good search engine rankings due to their lack of Search Engine Optimization expertise.  Due of budgetary contraints, it may not make sense for these organizations to hire an SEO consultant or company to assist on a regular basis.  However, due to the extreme importance placed upon web presence and the need for search engines to direct consumers to a company’s website, these businesses often struggle to find the best way to attract internet traffic

Search engines, like Google and Bing, need to be able to find a company’s website to guide potential customers to it.  They do this by scanning for content in the site, so picking and choosing good keywords and placing them strategically throughout one’s content is very important.   Deciding which keywords or tags to use and how to use them in your company’s website can be confusing.  This is why a program like WordPress can be so effective.  WordPress is not only easy to install, support, and learn; it is very search engine friendly.  Another plus for a small business is that the program allows them to customize their site, add pages, and make changes very easily.  All these features make WordPress a great program for small businesses to build their websites and increase their rankings.

Google’s Search Page Gets Up Close And Personal

Google users will soon be able to personalize their search with photos

Say goodbye to the minimalist look of Google’s clean, white browser page and hello to a new photo look created by none other than you.  Internet users will soon be able to drag and drop their own collection straight from their desktop or programs like Picasa right into the Google browser page to create a personalized page.

Social networks like Myspace already have customizing features that users are accustomed to, and so this is a natural move for Google to stay current with the latest Web 2.0 trends.  Currently Microsoft’s Bing does not have a drag and drop feature, but does contain some great images on its newly re-made site.

The new feature will be available to Internet surfers within the next couple of days.  A link on the bottom left hand corner of the Google browser page will soon be available and make the search engine more fun and interactive.

There are several Picasa sample images found on the Google blog page, googleblog.  The pictures fill up the entire screen and create a whole new dimension to the once blank screen.  And if you still enjoy the minimalist view you can choose to not have any photos plugged into your Google browser page.

Already Google is the top search engine over Yahoo and Bing.  Now that users can customize their page this will surely help keep it in top place.