Coffee Still OK In Pregnancy

A new study shows that caffeine in moderation is safe during pregnancy

A new study has emerged that tell us it is fine for pregnant women who love their morning coffee to be able to consume a moderate amount of caffeine at maximum of 200 milligrams per day.

The new findings could bring some elation to women who suffer from fatigue and really miss that latte or cup of joe to get the day started.  Scientists warn, however; not to consume too much caffeine in the early stages of pregnancy in order to avoid a miscarriage.

Chocolate lovers may also benefit from the new results.  The maximum amount of consumption recommended is now approximately six candy bars per day.  This is for the dark chocolate variety, which contains antioxidants and less fat and sugar.

A great way to enjoy your coffee while pregnant is in a blended iced drink like the revamped Starbucks Frappuccino.  Those who are sensitive to the lactose in milk can make their drinks with soymilk.  Other alternative includes rice milk, almond milk, goat’s milk, and hemp milk sold in the natural section of most grocery stores.  It has also been reported by many coffee drinker that organic blends reduce any adverse affects on the stomach.

Free Wi-Fi At Starbucks Could Mean Good News And Bad News

Starbucks is now offering free Wi-Fi Internet to customers

Recently McDonald’s made it’s Wi-Fi Internet service available free in around 12,000 locations in the United States.  This trend is has been growing over the last few years, and now Starbucks has decided to go in on the deal in its locations in the United States and Canada.

Starbucks hopes to encourage patrons to stay longer and purchase more products through offering free Wi-Fi.  Over the last year coffee sales have been way down as the economy has driven consumers to make their own drinks at home.  As a result Starbucks has had to close down a large number of its smaller stores.

The free Wi-Fi service at Starbucks is welcome to customers who utilize various venues to operate their own ventures.  Those who just want to visit for coffee and socializing are concerned they may not have a place to sit as tables are taken for long periods of time.

Many coffee shops already offer free Wi-Fi, including Borders, Tulley’s, and various locally owned businesses.  While there may be less seats available in certain locations, the company could increase its product sales and keep customers coming back for more.  It doesn’t look like free Wi-Fi will be going out of style anytime soon.

Cool Off This Summer With Starbucks VIA Instant Iced Coffee

Starbucks VIA Instant Iced Coffee is a new sweet blend this summer

This summer coffee drinkers who love the Starbucks VIA instant coffee blends will now be able to enjoy their drinks on ice.  The Starbucks VIA Instant Iced Coffee is a premium medium roast blend made from Arabica beans, with the same robust flavor of drip coffee.

If you like your coffee sweet, then you will also enjoy the added sugar of 22 grams, which makes the drink around 100 calories per cup.  The quick dissolve granules are easy to prepare with a blend of milk, soy milk or water.  The grounds are full throttle, with the usual caffeine in the mix.  A decaf version has not yet been made available.

The new Starbucks VIA Instant Iced Coffee is available in box of five packs with each stick created to blend into a standard water bottle.  The cost for these sets are around $5.95 each and right now Starbucks is offering the product at $1.00 off through a coupon on its website.  Members of Costco may also obtain a free sample stick directly from the Costco website.

The Starbucks VIA Instant Iced Coffee will be sure to please those who love sweet iced coffee with the full Arabica bean flavor.

Ethiopian Harrar Coffee Is A Rare Find

Ethiopian Harrar coffee is a perfect robust blend with a fruity aftertaste

Imagine a coffee blend that is rich in flavor yet has an essence of fruit after each sip.  That is what you will find with Ethiopia’s Harrar coffee beans, a special plant grown in the Harrar region of the small country.

The distinct coffee is part of the arabica family, which takes longer to reach full growth maturity at around seven years.  This is what gives the Harrar blend such a robust, mocha taste.  The plants are grown at a high range of about 4300 feet.  The beans are roasted through a dry process and sorted by hand, making each cup unique.

There are several types of Harrar coffee beans that produced in Ethiopia.  First is the peaberry or mocha type, often used for espresso drinks.  Second is the shortberry, which is smallest in size and great for ground or espresso coffee.  Last is the large, longberry type best used in ground coffee.

The Ethiopian Harrar bean is a rare find, as it is grown on small farms in only three regions of the eastern part of the country.  Favorite coffee shops that brew this special blend include Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee.  Beans are also sold online through specialty retailers.

Organic Coffee On The Rise Despite A Bad Economy

The Fair Trade organic coffee industry is increasing, which is great news for farmers

Producers of coffee need to take notice of a growing demand for Fair Trade organic beans.  In 2009 alone the market sales were at 1.4 billion dollars, which blows away the standard coffee competition.

This is evidenced in the last four years where organic coffee demand has increased by 21 percent on average, compared to only one percent for regular coffee.  That is a substantial difference and is expected to continue to rise.

Organic coffee is popular for several reasons.  First, it’s healthier.  The beans do not contain harmful chemicals or pesticides.  Second, it’s great for the environment because growers use responsible practices that actually replenish the soil.  And third, it helps support small organic coffee growers, especially in third world countries, and their prospective economies.

There are around 40 countries that currently produce organic coffee, all of which are accountable to the Organic Trade Association and that guarantees to consumers that the coffee is one hundred percent organic.  These countries include Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, North America, Bolivia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.  The OTA was formed in 1975 in North America and has around 1,400 members today.

Vietnam Is A Top Producer of Robusta Coffee

Trung Nguyen Coffee is a popular Vietnamese blend of Robusta beans

If you have ever tasted instant or freeze dried coffee, chances are it has been made from the Robusta coffee bean, which is primarily found in South Africa.  Southeast Asia is also a top producer of the easy to grow plant, with Vietnam being the second exporter in the world next to Brazil, which holds the number one spot.

The Robusta bean is considered a lesser blend of coffee than the Arabica bean, which takes four to five years to harvest compared to two to three years for Robusta.  If you are not a coffee connoisseur and prefer to stick to a budget, then the latter blend is what you will find in grocery stores and coffee cans.  One can also enjoy higher caffeine content in the Robusta coffee.

Over the last few years Vietnam is steadily increased its exports of Robusta coffee, producing around 1.17 million tons each year.  Coffee plantations are prolific in the small country, which exploded in growth after a decline during the Vietnam War.

It was the French who originally brought the Robusta plant to the country in 1857 and the Vietnamese have had a love affair with it ever since.  Some popular drinks include Vietnamese Iced Coffee, which is a rich combination of sweetened condensed milk and Robusta coffee and Trung Nguyen coffee, commonly prepared in a coffee press.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Ultimate Makeover

The new logo design was created by a company called Creature in Seattle

Since it’s small beginnings in 1970 Seattle’s Best Coffee company has been serving up fresh brewed coffee to thousands of coffee drinkers in cafes, stores, airports, and so on.  Now that it is a part of the Starbuck’s corporation since 2003 the organization has been given a completely revamped logo, which is advertised on their website.

The new look is clean and contemporary and easy to spot.  The coffee and its flavors will not change.  Right now Seattle’s Best Coffee sells over thirty different types of ground and whole bean coffee and is famous for its rich, mellow flavors.  In addition to this there are also baked goods that are offered as well as teas, blended drinks and merchandise.

Starting this July moviegoers will also have the benefit of getting Seattle’s Best Coffee at all AMC theater locations in the United States.  A handful of these theaters will be equipped to serve espresso beverages as well.   Later in September Burger King will also partner with the coffee company to serve its fresh brew daily.

The new look of Seattle’s Best Coffee is a positive move for Starbucks, which plans to create more business partnerships in the near future and expand the brand to many more locations.

Espresso Con Panna Is A Rich Delight

Espresso Con Pana is an Italian original now popular in the U.S.

Espresso by itself is a dark, robust blend of coffee bean perfection.  The drink that put Italy on the map has been transformed by some of the top coffee sellers in the world into many different varieties.  But one such blend is just as well known as espresso by itself, and that is espresso con panna.

The Italian drink is translated as, “espresso with cream“.  After the espresso is created through high pressured hot water then sweet homemade whipped cream is added.  And of course if you do not want the added sugar then the cream by itself is just enough to take the bite out of the dark coffee taste.

The espresso con panna is a favorite in the United States.  In fact, Starbucks has it on the menu, which can be made with one, two or three shots.  Because of it’s bitter taste this drink may not be for everyone, especially if you enjoy tasting less of the coffee and more of the filler.  But for the robust taste buds this drink is a creamy delight and very simple to make.

Starbucks Flavored Coffee Coming Soon To A Store Near You

Natural flavored coffee is new from Starbucks

About sixty percent of Starbucks customers purchase flavored coffee drinks, which has spurred the company to take action and begin packaging flavored coffee in grocery stores beginning this June, just in time for summer iced coffee fun.

The new flavors are quite familiar to current Starbucks drinkers: caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla.  Any other flavors have not been added to the list, but this is a good start since the Japanese have been enjoying powdered coffee called Via since last April with record sales.  The United States version will be ground, not powdered, and called Natural Fusions.  Packages will be sold in $8.99 11-ounce sizes, which is a standard ground coffee bag choice.

The Starbucks quality with this new line of coffee will remain in tact.  All three flavors will be derived from natural sources and without the use of chemicals or spray on artificial flavors, which is found in many other flavored coffees.

Just how many stores will be carrying this new line of coffee will be up to Starbucks, which currently plans to promote the Starbucks Natural Fusions in around 200,000 grocery stores in the United States.  The company expects sales to be high, which may prove to be a bigger sell than its instant coffee line.

A Cup That Brews Your Coffee

The Smartcup Xpress Lid is a disposable french press

Coffee shops are trying a new form of coffee making on their customers with the use of SmartCup Xpress, a revolutionary way to get your pick-me-up on the go with a gourmet and robust flavor.

One store in New York City, BKoffie, uses the Xpress cups to sell their delicious coffee from African beans.  The cups act as a disposable French press, with a lid and plunger to do the job.  The barista adds the coffee, water and sugar if desired to the cup, fastens the lid and the customer is on their way to a fresh brew in about three minutes.  At this point you are able to add condiments like half and half or milk.

For about the same price as a latte or Americano, coffee drinkers are now able to enjoy the full robust flavor of the drink the way it was meant to be brewed, in a French press.  All of the flavors are contained in the brew because the grounds are pressed with a mesh, rather than paper.  If tea is your choice the Xpress cup works well with loose tea.

This is an entirely new concept for French press coffee to go and only time will tell to see the feedback from customers on whether they prefer a regular brew or the Xpress style.