Sandra Bullock Wears Colored Diamonds at Golden Globes

Sandra Bullock Wears Grey Diamond Earrings
Diamonds are beloved for their ability to capture attention and admiration. Celebrities strive to be memorable and captivating. Natural color diamonds have become a staple of the red carpet as they grant the wearer an unforgettably unique look.
Celebrities use these beautiful colored gems to complete their red carpet ensembles. Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock wore large gray diamond earrings to this year’s Golden Globes. Halle Barry wore the stunning Pumpkin Diamond to the 2002 Academy Awards in which she won Best Actress.
Halle Barry wears the Pumpkin DiamondA colored diamond is a naturally-occurring phenomenon that creates added excitement due to its rare occurrence. Sought after by the bourgeois and gem aficionados alike, these jewels are one of nature’s most stunning pieces of handiwork. Each diamond is unique due to the elements and variables that contribute to its creation. Only one in 10,000 diamonds is natural colored, according to Langerman Diamonds.
Bullock’s grey diamonds contain a mix of the characteristics of both black and white diamonds and are exceptionally rare, says the National Jeweler Network, colored diamond experts. The orange hue of Barry’s Pumpkin diamond indicates the presence of nitrogen during its creation.
“The formation of natural color diamonds is a process that requires the presence of not only the original magical formula for all diamond creation, but also the presence of additional trace elements and distortions to the typical diamond crystal,” says the Natural Color Diamond Association. “If an element interacts with carbon atoms during diamond creation, the diamond’s color can change. Radiation and pressure on a diamond’s structure will also impact its color as well.”
These dimaonds come in a startlingly wide variety of tones. Though they frequently adorn the fashion elite, they can be easily added to anyone’s treasure collection via local and Internet jewelers. Pick a shape and color that suits you and know that your elegant jewel is as rare and unique as you are.