Texas Gov. Rick Perry Caps a Coyote, and Saves His Dog

The Gov. of Texas is frightened of snakes

Republican Rick Perry may be running for a third full term against Democratic Bill White, but he won’t ever run from danger. The Texas Governor told the press that he won a confrontation with a coyote on Tuesday, thanks to his laser-sighted pistol. He admitted that he always carries his .380 Ruger – fully loaded with hollow-point bullets – out for jogs on the trails around his home, and that this time it came in handy when he needed to protect his dog‘s life.

The coyote yawned, and startled the governor

He said it’s because of his fear of snakes, but everyone knows that rocks are as effective as hollow-point bullets when it comes to killing a reptile. But, according to Texas state law, citizens are entitled to shoot at coyotes if they feel that the creature is threatening their livestock or domestic pets. And so, when Perry was confronted by the coyote, who did not heed the governor’s vocal warnings, he had no choice but to send it to coyote heaven.

Perry admitted that the coyote went down immediately following the gunshot wound, and that it probably didn’t feel any pain. He acted with the intentions of saving the young retriever from harm, and protect it he did. The young family dog wasn’t harmed, though the coyote was left to rot in the middle of the dusty road.

As for the gun blast, no report was required, since – according to the Department of Public Safety Spokeswoman, Tela Mange – people are constantly shooting coyotes and snakes, and none of the cases are ever reported.