Occupy America: the New Silent Majority?

“Written by: Kathleen Mulvihill”
(As told by Joe Fly)

This is America, so I have the right to voice my opinion about the Occupy Movement and not be swatted or otherwise squashed, if you know what I mean. A lot of you wish to be a fly on the wall at one time or another. Well, here’s your chance to hear it from the real thing: me, Joe Fly.

I’ll get straight to the point: seems to me this whole Occupy thing could find itself Vacant if someone doesn’t wake up and smell the beef. Let me digress.

About four months ago, Sept. 17, 2011 to be exact, when it all began in New York City’s financial district, I was just your average Joe buzzing around for my next meal. But this ruckus is going on, right, so I land on a tent where humans are talking about things like the 99 percent rule, how they need to reclaim democracy from the greed of Wall Street, big corporations, banks and billionaires (Gates and Buffet notwithstanding). They’re ranting against economic and civil inequalities. Like how did a democratic and capitalist country like America, where every man could become a king, suddenly become more like an autocratic caste system?

I wanted to know more. My winged family members in Asia told me that the Occupy movement was inspired by the Arab Spring – you know, all those protest and resistance movements in places like Syria, Libya and Egypt. “Those folks forced out their leaders, brought down their governments and formed new democracies for their people,” my relatives said. Nice job.

But all I see in America is young people beating their drums, holding their placards, pitching their tents, yelling that they are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Gotcha. But as the weeks and months go on, I don’t get where they’re going. I mean, where’s their business plan, what’s their strategy, who is their leader, when are they actually going to do something to bring about change? Where’s the beef?

Have they not noticed that city by city, the politicians are putting their armed police on the chess board and booting out the pawns from the public places they once occupied? Call me a bugger, but I get around like no one’s business. Just the other day, I flew to the Beltway and you should have heard the laughter from some of those legalized criminals who represent you in Congress, especially those up for reelection. They’re brushing you off like dust mites, my friends.

So here’s my advice. Get a voice, don’t become the New Silent Majority. Take a lesson from the Tea Party. That brew got up and running pretty fast and knocked out a few Democrats in fairly short order. The 2012 elections are around the corner but you still have time to fire the bums (Democrats or Republicans) by the dozens. Make your voice heard, get out your message and hoist that 1 percent square in the public’s face. What are you waiting for, an invitation to tea?

Obama Adds Hospital Visitation to the Short List of Gay Rights

Obama spots a distant rainbow over the horizon

Though president Obama may be creeping toward victory in a tortoise fashion, his recent decision to grant same-sex couples hospital visitation rights proves that those steps are firm, and consistently progressing toward equality for  homosexuals, without the ignition of widespread cultural tumult. As it stands, some of the fiercest supporters for dramatic change are enraged with this decision, while other political activists encourage the baby-step style approach to reshaping government rules and regulations on behalf of the homosexual population of America.

This victory leads to one common goal.

The blitz began soon after the president’s election, when members of the Human Rights Campaign presented the transition team with a lengthy checklist, documenting 70 actions that the president could carry out without permission from congress. Over the next few months, activists remained in the transition’s headquarters, as not-yet appointed officials (in the departments of State,Human Services, Health, Labor and Justice)  rotated for discussions; gradually, the administration began incorporating the group’s recommendations, including: State-issued embassy ID cards for same-sex partners of diplomats; stopping the discrimination in housing-assistance programs; and an HHS pledge to change their policies regarding HIV-positive visitors and immigrants. However, the hardest task came to the surface when a phone call arrived from the White House; charged for change by a heart-wrenching story, top White House officials spoke to HRC about the best legal approach for HHS to address the issue of hospital rights for married homosexuals. And, though it will take six months for the Department of Health and Human Services to implement Obama’s order, this Thursday marks a small step for Obama, and a giant leap for American homosexuals.