Van Gogh Art Exhibit

van gogh

Van Gogh…new? Well, you probably don’t think so, since his tragic suicide in 1890, but London’s Royal Academy of Art is shedding some new light on this renowned artist. Van Gogh once said “For my part I know nothing with certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream”…and dream he did, leaving behind incredibly beautiful paintings, rich with color and texture. His current exibition gives a deeper insight into his life, his passions, and his personality.

Van Gogh’s works have not been exhibited to the public in over 40 years, and this showing called “The Real Van Gogh” allows us to see Van Gogh the man, as well as the artist. He was a marvelous letter-writer, and many of his personal letters to friends are on display. As Van Gogh would often write about his works, the letters give the public his unique perspective of the progress he was making, what was inspiring him, and believe it or not, his insecurities. Yes, this legendary artist, who’s works will live on forever, suffered from the same self-doubt we all have felt…amazing. Lucky for us, Mr. Van Gogh ploughed through those issues, going on to create masterpieces such as “Starry Night”, “Irisies”, and the forever famous “Sunflowers”.

Van Gogh didn’t start painting til he was 27 years old, and in his relatively short life, created more than 2000 paintings and drawings. We all know who Vincent Van Gogh “is”…but, if you get a chance to tour London’s Royal Academy of Art, before April 2010…you just might get to know who he “was”.  What a treat!