Getting Money for College Is Easier With the Internet


In this day and age and even with the sources available on the Internet so many students are still taking out loans for college when with a bit of planning and work beforehand they could possibly come out of college without any loans at all even without the help of their parents. In fact there is a program airing on Maryland Public television that provides some good information to get started. The show airs on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 2pm.

The average student still feels that loans have to be a part of their path to getting a college degree which is not the case. What students need to realize is that there are so many options available online for scholarships and grants and the process can be started by the parents of the students as early as when they are babies and it can continue even if they have already started college, it is never too late.

Students need to be aware that other than the resources listed below students can also look to their Church or religion for scholarships and or grants. A couple of sources to use for religious scholarships include: Religious scholarships; Catholic scholarships.

Sources of Financial Aid     

  • FinAid!
    Provides information on financial aid resources to students and parents.
  • FastWeb
    This site provides information tat on free scholarships and matches te student’s background against its database of over 600,000 scholarships.
  • Embark  – Provides tools, scholarship search, and advice students and parents and elp wit the financial aid process.
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • Maryland National Guard – Provides an alternative form of financial aid.
  • The College Board – Review the section on the plan for college and click on “Paying for College”.
  • Peterson’s/Thomson Learning – Features financial aid calculators and search engines for scholarships.
  • College Savings Plans of Maryland

In so many ways students do not make full use of the resources and money that is available to them. There are many sources for grants and scholarships and they are very easy to get because since they are not well known there is limited competition for them. For most of these rants all they require is an essay and usually filling out a straightforward and easy form.

Sometimes these grants and scholarships are a onetime thing but sometimes the can be easily renewed ever year and just require re-applying before the due date.

Another option for students is to start out at a community college and keep their grades up and be able to get a full scholarship when the transfer to a nearby college. College is expensive but it is doable even for the independent student.


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Finance Software Creates Efficiency in Business

Finance Software Creates Efficiency in Business


Are you tired of having multiple spreadsheets or excel sheets for analyzing your finance statements? There are finance software available which can help to manage your personal as well professional finances. This article will walk you through the various aspects of Finance Software, and how they can help with managing business finance.

How does Finance Software work?

Finance software, at their back end, have multiple calculation techniques interlinked for managing your different finance needs. At the front end, you get different fields and spreadsheets just to input data. When you run the tool, it displays the information you want to see. Can you think of data you need to assess. Well, I have given you some examples below…

  • Everyday Expenditures
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Insurance details
  • Periodic investments and purchases
  • Income
  • Buy, lease or rent (in, out)
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Return on stock and other investments
  • Handling different currencies

Reports Generation using Finance Software:

You can generate various reports (examples given below),and set a reminder for certain periodic activities like monthly payments, upcoming bills,etc.,

  • Income and Expenses ratio for a particular month/week
  • Present and Future value of money
  • Taxation
  • Projected Cash flow

Advantages of a Finance Software:

  • Time saving on finance analysis
  • Track multiple accounts
  • Easy to manage different data
  • Reports can help make changes in the current business activities
  • Help to find a gap between income and expenses

Check out the following before purchasing Finance Software:

There are open source software and online tools available for free. You can try using them. Free tools have limited advantages, open source software may not have all the needed features; but I would suggest to try some of these for managing your personal finance before deciding on paid software. There are other software you can buy for a one time fee, or yearly / monthly fee basis. They are worth the investment considering the hassle involved in using multiple spreadsheets.


Using finance software will definitely reduce the burden with complex investments and expenses. With easy to manage, do it yourself technicalities, they not only help track your finance accounts and statements but also help manage your long term investment strategy plans. Let the software take care of your finance, live a hassle free life!