Top Five Free Apps on the Android Market

Written by: Lisa Pearson

The iPhone is known to have some great apps, but what about those who have Android phones? Android devotees need not worry; phones on the ave equally fun and functional apps to help make life more interesting. Take a look at the list Android operating system Take a look at the list of top five free apps on Android market  and see if it compares to your top five list.The Android market has a plethora of applications available from games, music, books, and movies. Many of the games and books are available for free on the Android market while many of the apps available on the iPhone require a nominal fee. If you are one of the many people who love to play games or listen to music in their spare time, the cost of apps can add up fast. According to Distimo, which is an app store analytics company, in 2010 57 percent of Android apps were free compared to the 28 percent of free apps on the iPhone.
If you are new to Android phones and the market, take a look at the helpful video below which takes you step-by-step through downloading and uninstalling apps.

For those who are already well-versed in the Android market, consider adding these top five free apps to your arsenal of applications:
Pandora-Music lovers can create their own music stations with this handy app. If you love the sounds of Adele and create an Adele station; Pandora will also play other singers with similar style of singing such as Duffy or Amy Winehouse. The great thing about Pandora is that you have the opportunity to listen to other artists you might not have discovered on your own.

Google Currents-This app delivers magazine-quality articles that you can read offline on smartphones and tablets. There are a variety of magazines and websites to choose from and you can also share interesting stories through email or a social networking website.

Alfred -Meet your new drinking and dining helper. You can “teach” Alfred what your favorite bars and eateries are and he will make recommendations on new places to visit. The more you tell him about what you like, the better his recommendations will be. Everyone can use this clever app is a great tool to help navigate you to all the great hangouts.

MyFitnessPal – For anyone who is trying lose weight, exercise more, or just eat healthier; this app tracks all of these things and then some. You can set a weight loss goal for yourself and the app will calculate the number of calories you should consume per day in order to reach that goal. It also has a huge database of food, drinks and exercises so you can input all your meals, drinks, snacks and workouts throughout the day.

Llama-Does your phone always ring at inopportune times? Llama is a location aware mobile app. You can have your phone set to silent but still have calls from your boss or family come through. You can also set a timer for a specific profile so if you’re going to be on a conference call for the next hour you can set it to silent for 1 hour and then it’s back to normal.

Hopefully, you discovered some new things from the list of top five free apps on the Android market. Before you pay for any apps, always look at the list of free offerings. You will likely find a comparable free app to the paid version. Happy hunting!

6 Free Apps That Make International Traveling Easier


Written by: Rikki Lux


Whether you have an Apple gadget like the iPhone or a Microsoft Windows-powered Android, you know that you can download an app in seconds. If you are planning to travel internationally, take a second to download these useful (and free) apps that will make your trip safer and more enjoyable.


1. XE Currency

This app, from currency site, makes it simple to instantly calculate and convert currency from over 180 countries. Create charts to see how far your dollars can take you. Get emails when information is updated and compare present and past rates.

XE Currency iPad App

The Best Currency Converter on the Market


2. Google Translate

With 64 different languages that can be translated, this app is absolutely essential for traveling abroad.  Since the translation is done by software instead of human ears, it won’t be perfect – but translation is constantly improving. The app will make it possible for you to communicate with non-English speakers about necessary information like costs, location, and simple conversation. You can speak into your phone and Google will translate it into the specified language. All languages in the Google database can be translated in every possible combination, so the app can be used by anybody regardless of their native language.

GoogleTranslate for iPhone

Over 60 languages – translated in a snap!


3. TripAdvisor

This travel app has been downloaded over 15 million times because of the easy-to-use layout and large collection of international cities for abroad travelers. Find food, lodging, attractions and more, as well as reviews that can help you make the best choices.

Tripadvisor App

A simple layout begets simple trip planning


4. Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder will locate both free and paid wireless locations in 144 countries. The app is linked to almost 700,000 wireless locations – so no need to wander through a city you don’t know with your cell phone held toward the sky while the locals stare.

WiFi Finder

Find WiFi anywhere, anytime


5. Sutro World

This app will provide you with travel guides for over 375 destinations all over the world. Independently authored, you will get insider information from a local who knows the city you’re visiting like you know your own. You will have offline access to maps, recommendations, photos and user comments. Go online to watch videos and talk to other travelers.

Sutro World App

Local perspectives in a global app


6. Smart Traveler

Downloading the Smart Traveler app would be the smart thing to do before you travel abroad. This app is the official State Department app for U.S. travelers and is frequently updated with travel alerts and warnings, and all U.S. embassy locations are provided. You can enroll in the free Smart Traveler Enrollment program so that the State Department can help you if there is an emergency situation. An Android app will be released in June 2012.

Smart Traveler App

A trusted source for international safety


Top Five Free Android Apps for Serious Students

Written by: Tamar Auber

This year, many students will find a new Android tablet under their Christmas tree or exchange their Hanukkah gelt for a trendy new tablet. While Android tablets are usually hyped as entertainment systems intended to play Angry Birds, watch videos or check your e-mail, serious students can turn their new toys into a power study tool with free apps that can help make cracking the books a little easier.

A Samsung Galaxy Tablet

An Android tablet can be a powerful study tool.

While not a replacement for a laptop, the touch screen capability and portability of a tablet makes it the perfect take along study aid. In addition, while lacking the cool factor of an iPad and the Apple store, Android users will be pleasantly surprised by the number and variety of applications available, often for free, in the Android Market.

As a graduate student and researcher, my Acer Iconia tablet is my go to gadget for reading files, keeping notes tidy, and even scanning documents during my hours of weekly library research. Want to put your tablet to work on campus this semester? These five apps can help you make the most of your study time and your tablet.

iFlashcards- If you are studying a subject that requires memorization, this is the perfect app for you. The iflashcards app allows users to create cards, sync cards with the web, and even transfer them between devices using an sd card, so that you can practice using your phone or computer as well as your tablet. Last semester, I put this handy little free app to great use memorizing dates for history and verb conjugations for Hebrew class.

Evernote-Evernote is the ultimate note taking and filing system for your tablet. While my tablet will not allow me to take notes directly on the touch screen, I can snap a picture of my handwritten notes or type with the on screen keyboard and Evernote quickly files it away for safe keeping and exam time. You can also install Evernote on multiple devices and work with your stored information from several locations, great when you have a term paper to write or a final exam information to cram.

Repligo Reader– This free app is buggy at times, but it is still my favorite pdf reader. With Repligo, I am able to download all of my semester’s articles from my course web site onto a thumb drive at the beginning of the term and open the files with ease on the week the readings are assigned. Repligo also allows me to annotate files, turn pages easily, and access multiple articles quickly. The downside is that occasionally Repligo ‘forgets’ that the thumb drive is docked in my tablet, and I have to exit the program and try again. Repligo will also work if you do not have a USB drive, but requires more work since you have to e-mail yourself the article first.

CamScanner-I was skeptical of this free app. However, the fact the ancient scanner at my school’s library was always down encouraged me to take the risk. I was very pleasantly surprised. Camscanner works just as promised, allowing me to use my tablet’s camera to snap pictures of documents, pages in reference books or anything else I need to keep handy. An added benefit, CamScanner works keep track of quotes and sources for term papers, simply snap the page where the information is found and the title page.

Google Books-For students of history, literature any many other fields, Google Books is a must have in your study arsenal. The free app, pre-installed on many tablets, offers thousands of searchable academic books, many of which can be viewed in their entirety. Looking for a specific phrase or keyword? No worries, Google Books will allow you to search inside the texts and show you exactly the page on which the phrase is found.

These free apps can turn your Android Tablet into a hardworking student tool that will help you keep your notes and research organized and study time more productive, leaving more free time to enjoy Angry Birds or your favorite movie on your new tablet.