Tips and Tricks to Eating Smarter

Written by Elaine Zuo

Looking to improve your diet and eat healthier? Try these simple changes for a better you:

Woman gazing at fruit

Opting for fruit and vegetables can lead to a healthier you

  • Buy smaller dishes and taller glasses. Optical illusions abound even in what we use to serve our food: People tend to overestimate vertical lengths and underestimate horizontal lengths. When asked to pour equal amounts of liquid into a short, wide glass, people poured more than when they did the same for a long, tall glass. Regarding a similar principle, the same amount of food in a large dish compared to that in a smaller dish was regarded as less food than the amount in the smaller dish.
  • Chew slower. Many of us have busy lives to run and do not have time to eat leisurely, but don’t let scarfing down your lunch on a short work break completely impact your eating habits. Try to take any opportunity to savor the meal and let your digestive system do its job. You’ll be more likely to stop eating while letting your stomach achieve the same amount of satisfaction.
  • Sneak fruits and veggies into your daily diet. Although it would be best to consume fruit and vegetables on their own, you can easily add these excellent sources of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants to your usual meals as tasty, healthy accents. Top cereal or yogurt off with fruit slices, or choose a vegetable drink to accompany your lunch. Carrots and broccoli can accentuate the taste of a meatloaf, soup or even pasta sauces.
  • Keep food in the kitchen and healthy foods at eye level. Don’t bring your food into the living room or your work space. You will eat less if snacks are not placed all over the house and within easy reach. Healthy foods, on the other hand, will seem more appealing if easily accessible.
  • Drink water. Substitute sugary sodas with a tall glass of H2O. Not only do you miss out on unwanted calories, but you will be fuller before the meal and thus prevent overeating. It’s also important for digestion and gives you a boost of energy along with combating dehydration.
  • Choose fish and beans. These two underrated food items help keep your health and weight in check. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish can lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol and reduce risks of cancer, so be sure to indulge in a fillet. Beans are not only fibrous, but contain iron,  folic acid and protein as well. Mix the two for a delicious fish and beans taco, and your body will have a ready arsenal of health-promoting nutrients.

Although these tips will certainly better your diet and lifestyle, the most important thing to have backing them up is a healthy mindset. Keep your goals in mind and you will kick any bad dietary habits that may arise.

Plant-based foods decrease risk of health problems

Written by: Shauna Bannan

Several flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables

Common flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables.

People who add a moderate amount of flavonoids, plant compounds found in food and beverages, to their diets are less likely to suffer from serious health problems, recent studies show.

There are over 4,000 compounds classified as flavonoids, many of which can be found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as tea, beer, wine, nuts, and soy. Research suggests that the naturally occurring plant compounds have a number of beneficial effects on human health, including a reduced risk of cancer, asthma, stroke, and heart disease.

A recent study conducted on nearly 100,000 older U.S. adults found that those who consumed the most amount of flavonoids were less likely to die of heart disease or stroke, compared to those who consumed the least amounts, over the next seven years. The participants were divided into groups of five – based on their flavonoid intake. One-fifth of those with the highest level of plant compounds were 18 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular trouble than the group with the lowest intake.

A study conducted at UCLA found that smokers who consumed high levels of these compounds in their diets were less likely to develop lung cancer.

“What we found was extremely interesting, that several types of flavonoids are associated with a reduced risk of lung cancer among smokers,” said Dr. Zuo-Feng Zhang, a researcher and professor of public health and epidemiology at UCLA. “The findings were especially interesting because tobacco smoking is the major risk factor for lung cancer.”

Zhang suggests that flavonoids may prevent cancer cells from blocking, in addition to blocking the formation of blood vessels that tumors develop.

The secret lies within the compound’s antioxidant activity. Like other antioxidants, flavonoids provide the body with protection against cellular damage. Due to the common high intake of fruits, vegetables, tea, and wine, these plant-based compounds may, at times, have stronger antioxidant abilities than those of vitamins C and E.

Many of these foods are consumed on a daily basis. Most vegetables, particularly those that are green and red, contain high levels of the compound. Tree fruits, spices, and beverages, including red wine and tea of all types, are also among a long list of flavonoid-rich foods.

“Even adding one serving of flavonoid-rich food a day could be beneficial,” said Marjorie L. McCullough, lead researcher of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta. “Flavonoid-rich foods are the types of foods we should be eating anyway.”

Dakota Fanning spotted wearing a Fruits Watch!

Dakota Fanning in her Lemon Sorbet Fruitzs Watch
Dakota Fanning in her Lemon Sorbet Fruitzs Watch

Who doesn’t love Dakota Fanning? We adore this young actress, who began her career when she was merely five years of age. She impresses us for having been the youngest person in history to be nominated (for her role in “I Am Sam”) for a Screen Actor’s Guild Award. We first got to know Dakota through a Tide detergent commercial, followed by appearances on famous television shows like ER and Ally McBeal. We were enthralled by her appearance in TomCats, and we haven’t stopped following her since…

Most recently, we spotted Dakota Fanning wearing a Lemon Sorbet watch by Fruitz, which manufactures fun, colorful and fashionable timepieces.

Fruitz currently offers three collections: Fruitz Classic, Sorbet and Happy Hour. The Sorbet collection differs from the other two in that watches in this collection have expandable stainless steel bracelets, as opposed to watches in the other collections with have silicon straps.

All Fruitz watches, including the Lemon Sorbet that Dakota loves, have natural frequency technology disks embedded in their case backs. These disks are infused with the same frequency at which the earth resonates, and claim to relax and calm wearers.

Looks like Dakota Fanning is pretty relaxed in her Fruits watch, don’t you think? Well, apparently her watch has her in good spirits; as she says, “I am so happy to have one!”

Fruitz Watches’ Natural Frequency Technology said to Change People’s Lives

Dragon Fruit, Strawberry and Lychee Fruits Watches with Natural Frequencies Inside
Dragon Fruit, Strawberry and Lychee Fruits Watches with Natural Frequencies Inside

Fruitz is a collection of fun and colorful watches that is appealing to people for more than just fun and color.  The new collection of fruits watches, seen on celebrities such as Dakota Fanning and Selena Gomez and identified as a “practical accessory staple” by Parade Magazine, has Natural Frequencies inside. .

Every Fruitz watch contains a Natural Frequency Technology disk, created by Philip Stein. According to a clinical study, people wearing devices with natural frequency technology experienced better sleep than those not wearing devices with the technology.

Natural frequencies exist everywhere. The earth’s natural frequency is 7.83 hz, the key frequency in the natural frequency technology. Frequencies are captured and infused, and embedded into the watch. The idea behind the natural frequency technology disk in each watch is that it provides the wearer with natural frequencies and information.

So, it would appear, that beyond making a fashion statement, a Fruitz watch has immense technological powers.

Hot Fashion Watches by Fruitz

Fruitz- Hot Fashion Watches!
Fruitz – Hot Fashion Watches!

Fruitz Watches, the brand that represent a wonderful, charming array of Fruits Watches, are the hottest craze right now.  Even Twilight star, Dakota Fanning was seen sporting her Fruitz!

There are three types of Fruitz: Fruitz Classic, Sorbet and Happy Hour.  The Fruitz Classic collection features 36 mm adorable sunburst dials, colorful silicon straps which are really comfortable.  Each watch in the collection represents a different fruit, so there’s a Blueberry Fruitz Classic Watch, an Orange Fruitz Classic Watch and so on.

The Sorbet collection conjures up an image of delicious, tasty and sweet.  From the Fruitz Lemon Sorbet Watch to the Fruitz Licorice Sorbet Watch, these watches do look delectable, with their stainless steel expandable bracelet straps, and bright, lively colors!  Dakota Fanning loves her Lemon Sorbet Fruitz watch.  According to Fanning, “”I cannot wait to wear it – what an adorable idea… I am so happy to have one!”

The Happy Hour collection makes you think of good times, and indeed, each watch in this collection represents another fruity cocktail, from Black Russian to Cosmopolitan.  These watches have 43 mm dials, which include day and date functions.

By the way, these fashion watches come with a perk: each watch is embedded with a natural frequency technology disk, which may lead to better sleeping, increased concentration and focus, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

New Report Shows Fruitz Watches Have Health Benefits

Fruits Watches
Fruitz Watches

Fruitz watches, which represent a dazzling array of real fruits, from Watermelon to Lychee, have proven health benefits, according to a study conducted by PeaceLove Art.  A cross section of first hand experiences of wearers of Fruitz watches demonstrated that the fun and fashionable timepieces also have the power to promote better concentration, more focus, better sleep and less stress.  Study participant fourteen-year-old Kathie said that she “was not tired…and paid attention in math class” as a result of wearing her Fruitz watch.  Similarly, ED, an eight-year-old boy, reported that he “felt less anxious and fidgety” as a result of wearing his Fruitz watch.  Likewise, a 39 year old male reported that he feels “anxious now when…[he] doesn’t have it on, it really helps…[him] relax” and BC, a 65 year old female, said that her Fruitz watch helps her “relax and focus on the task at hand”.  Similar reactions were felt by many of the study participants.

Each Fruitz watch is embedded with a natural frequency technology disk, infused with the earth’s natural frequencies (seven to nine hertz), which are said to communicate with the energy field of the watch wearer, and inform their body to relax.  The impact of the natural frequency technology disk is felt by the wearer, whether or not it touches his or her skin, as long as there is no barrier between the case back and the skin.