Has Google Gone Too Far With WiFi Data?

Google is stopping the use of its Street View cars for a while

Google maps is famous for its map images and reliable directions on the web, but how they have been gathering information may just surprise you and has spurred some civil legal action and debate in the United States and abroad recently.

The issue has to do with Google’s interception of unsecured wireless networks.  If you have ever sat in your car or even in your own home and jumped on someone else’s broadband connection wirelessly, then apparently you are not breaking the law since the connection is not encrypted or made secure.  Google has done this extensively since 2007 with the aim to improve its map data.  The problem is that is has also picked up and collected private, personal information along the way and United States senators have been challenging the company on this issue.

Recently authorities in Germany, France and Spain have ordered Google to hand over the private data it has collected.  In the United States there are pending civil litigations against the company regarding this security breach.  Google claims that the data, once picked up wirelessly, is fragmented.  They have, however; decided to stop using Street View cars in collecting information until these issues can be resolved.

Google Buzz Just Became That Much Cooler With Maps

Google Buzz users can now enable Google Maps

If you are a fan of Google Maps then you are going to love this.  Google just announced on Monday, June 7, that it has added the maps feature to its popular Google Buzz service, which gives users instant access and easy sharing capabilities.

The new addition is a feature that is optional and needs to be enabled within a user’s Google account under the service settings then by clicking on the Labs tab.  Google Maps has become a competitive tool in the online world, and now it can be added directly to a Google Buzz e-mail.  Once it is enabled, the map will automatically be generated based on any U.S. address information and is fully interactive.  In the future Google plans to expand this new capability to worldwide addresses.

More than ever Google Maps is become the most popular because of it’s easy to use format, satellite images, and accuracy.  For example, GM just announced that it will be utilizing Google Maps now in its OnStar service beginning with the Chevy Volt, which is an electric high-tech vehicle.  And of course iPhone, Android, and Blackberry customers already have easy access to the application.

What does this all mean for Google Buzz users? It brings easy of use, quicker directions and maps and faster communication.  This is just one more enhancement that Google will continue to bring to Buzz fans.