Haiti Benefit Concert

Just three short weeks after the devestating earthquake struck Haiti, an array of celebrities with vastly unique musical backgrounds joined forces…and voices, for a  Haiti Relief concert called Saving Ourselves-Help For Haiti. The special features singers from Harry Connick Jr, to Usher, even Barbara Streisand to name a few.
Recording a new and improved version of the 1985 “We are the World”, the singers hope to keep the struggling people of Haiti in the forefront of the publics mind. $ 66 Million dollars have already been raised and the new Haiti-relief remix will be showcased during the Superbowl, which will certainly draw more attention. There is little doubt that these celebrities hearts are in the right place…giving of their time, collaborating with other artists, they have definately stepped up and are showing support for this struggling community. Some skeptics are not so confident in the music industries ability to affect a substantial change here, but I don’t think $66 million is anything to scoff at. In addition to the immediate financial gains…future sales of this cd could be monumental. At any rate, music…to some extent, has the power to heal. It can make you smile, or laugh, it can bring tears to your eyes, music can get inside you and when it does, you feel it. Sure, people tend to forget, we get sidetracked, or we just become dispassionate…then we press play, and we remember. We are suddenly flooded with all the feelings we had the first time we heard that song or saw that performance, and without warning it all comes back. That’s what these artists are hoping for, not that one moment of glory, but the legacy that, glorious feeling will leave behind.