It’s Not Easy Being An Outlaw; Feds Unseal Indictment

It’s not easy for the more notorious motorcycle gangs these days. They not only have to look sufficiently badass, they have to be badass. Then they have to curb their badassery in the presence of police. As if that weren’t enough, they have to battle rival gangs for badass rankings and territory. To top it all off, the feds are busting them for their battles of badass supremacy.

According to a June 15 press release, a federal grand jury in Virginia has indicted 27 members of the American Outlaw Association gang (commonly known as the Outlaws) on numerous felonies. One of those indicted include Outlaws National President Jack Rosga, aka Milwaukee Jack. The indictment charges participation in a criminal enterprise with a wide array of alleged crimes ranging from attempted murder to drug dealing and witness intimidation.

In a quote that summarizes the charges, US Attorney Neil MacBride says the gang’s “entire environment revolves around violence.”

According to the 12-count indictment, the Outlaws have been waging a violent and intimidating effort to expand the territory where it allegedly controls criminal enterprises like drug trafficking, largely against biker gangs such as the Hell’s Angels. The defendants — from Wisconsin, Main, Montana, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia — are all in custody.