Introducing Apple’s Latest Creation, the iPad.

Apple's iPad

Introducing Apple’s Latest Creation: The iPad. The question is, is it worth buying?

You can’t go far in conversation without talking about today’s latest must-have, the iPad. Apple’s newest creation hit homes and businesses world wide within minutes of being released. Apple has taken a lot of the best features of some of the most well-known gadgets (netbook, e-reader, gaming consoles, photo frame, and iPod for example), consolidated them and created this sleek, super gadget. With first glance you most likely will compare it to their popular and successful iTouch, just bigger in size. The iPad measures 7.47 inches wide x 9.56 inches tall x 0.5 inch thick, and weighs a mere 1.5 lbs. The only thing that seems to be holding everyone back from owning it is the question “do I really NEED this if I already own a laptop and/or iTouch?”. Apple took it a step further and included video’s on their site in case you were thinking just that. Whatever justifications people are coming up with, it seems to be working.

The iPad does however have features that no other gadget does. The capacitive multi-touch screen uses a high resolution LED-backlight IPS (in-plane switching) technology and has an user-friendly operating system with an onscreen QWERTY keyboard. The iPad also comes with built-in apps that developers made only and specifically for it. The fascination with the newest apps are a huge reason of why Apple’s iPod, other smartphones and now the iPad are so desired. Moreover, they are not the only reason. The iPad has an Apple A4 1 GHz processor, Wi-Fi + 3G, holds up to 10 hours in battery life, assisted GPS, built-in speaker, and Bluetooth 2.1, just to name a few.

Apple's Multi-Touch iPad

Apple's iPad has many new apps for you to explore.

Like with every new gadget that comes out, it comes down to three main things before buying; the good, the bad, the price. Apple seems to think they have nailed it in every category with the iPad. The good: it’s a mix of the best-of-the-best gadgets that are available through Apple. The bad: it won’t ever be able to mock every single item out today. It has limited multitasking capabilities, lacks integrated video camera, flash support, and HD video output and already has people looking towards the next model that will (hopefully) have these improvements. The price: reasonable, starting at $499.00 for a 16GB and going up depending on the GB you want.

When it’s all said and done, the iPad comes across as a fun new toy to have, but not a must have. I would definitely recommend waiting for the second wave to hit once the developers and creators take all the criticism and glitches and create an even better model.

The iPad is available at your local Apple retail store or online on their official website.


Apple’s iPad : How Not to Fall for the Temptation.

In just a matter of month Apple’s iPad has captured the buzz all over. Over a million geeks have laid their hands on it. Your friends are going gaga over it. Every third person you meet is seriously considering buying one. Media is revving it up with nice reviews.

And you are just sitting and watching. Not that you are amongst those selected few born to hate Apple’s products. In fact you love the iPad. You have been to Apple store at least once to check it out. You are the first one amongst friends and relatives to know all about the interesting apps; even the latest ClamCase that can turn an iPad into a laptop.

But let’s just face it. Not all of us can afford a $$$ toy to play with. So we are here to tell you what to tell your friends, your girlfriend, and most importantly; your heart, why you don’t want to buy an iPad. At least not at the moment.

  • You want to wait for the second generation iPad. First gen is for suckers who are ready for immature hardware and software. Remember first iPod?
  • You already have a smart phone and a laptop; so iPad is redundant for you.
  • You’d rather buy a Netbook for half the price and get the same job done.
  • You can’t even watch ESPN, HULU etc as it does not support Flash.
  • You can’t do multi-tasking: not in third party apps.
  • You love taking photos and video conferencing with friends and oops! It doesn’t even have a camera.

Resist the temptation. There is no app for that yet.

Adam from Notion Ink Touted as iPad Killer

Notion Ink's Adam Tablet PC

Adam Tablet PC - The iPad Killer

While the world was busy praising Apple’s iPad, a group of seven Indian’s was busy preparing the launch Adam, a tablet PC made by Notion Ink. The reasons for projecting this tablet PC as an iPad killer can be summarized as follows –

Thickness – Tablet PCs should be slick enough and Notion Ink’s Adam is just 11.6 mm thick. Apple’s iPad on the other hand measures 13.4 mm in thickness.

Battery Life – Adam can communicate and entertain you for more than 15 hours, whereas with iPad, you will have to content yourself with 9-10 hours.

Functionalities – Adam is literally full of gizmos that you need. AGPS, digital compass, speakers, 3 megapixel camera, microphone, Wi-Fi and 3G compatibility are strategically placed in this Notion Ink tablet PC. You might have to settle for less and shell out more for getting similar capabilities in iPad.

Screen – Adam’s screen uses Pixel Qi technology, which instead of relying on battery powered backlight, uses ambient or external light for better display results. It also uses far less battery than iPad’s touch-screen. Moreover, iPad cannot handle 1080p high-definition videos. Adam not only displays them with efficiency, but also has a jack for displaying them on other devices.

Price – Adam beats iPad in this department too. Notion Ink’s Adam will be priced somewhere between $325 to $450, whereas iPad can be bought $499 and upwards.

How both devices perform commercially cannot be determined beforehand, but one thing can be said, the market is already heating up.

iPad Revolutionizes PC Market

Lot of people are still wondering what exactly an Apple’s iPad is? The confusion stems from the fact that it looks very similar to a blown up iPhone and a miniature tablet PC. So what exactly is it and more importantly, is this beautifully designed touchscreen device the future of computers?. It would be more appropriate to place iPad in the latter category for a number of reasons. The reasons are as follows –

Now, what is the most common utility of computer for normal people? Commonly, they are used for communication, entertainment and networking. If we leave out professionals like graphic designers, engineers and software developers, most of us do not utilize even 50% of the computing power of our computing devices. So the question arises, why do we need those bulky desktop computers or laptops? If you want to communicate, play games or music, or connect with others, an iPad is fully efficient to do that. Moreover, applications that are developed for mobile devices are much more user friendly and efficient than their fully loaded websites.

What makes iPad more appealing is the fact that it is 3G enabled, which means simply insert a mobile sim card in it and use it as a cell phone. Even if you don’t have a wireless hot-spot in the immediate vicinity, your iPad is seamlessly connected to the internet. Unlimited data plans provided by GSM mobile service providers at down to earth prices make this device even more appealing. So do not be surprised if in near future you see sales of desktops and laptops plummeting. The future of computers has certainly arrived.