Miami Museum Month is here!!

As if those sun kissed beaches, great tropical climate and a scintillating night life weren’t enough to put Miami as a dream destination, the city is now celebrating Miami Museum Month to entice you to visit the magic city this month and get a taste of the cultural side of it with Miami’s 15 most popular cultural attractions participating.

Miami Museum Month

Almost being synonymous to the name Art Deco, Miami undoubtedly is a haven of art and this is the best time for you to explore and support Miami’s culture. That’s not all, visitors can also take advantage of Miami Museum Month’s Buy One, Get One Free admission to any participating museum. Also, you can do unlimited museum hopping between all participating attractions with your membership at any single museum out of the list.

Don’t forget to check out the Energy Dance Floor at Miami Science Museum which captures your energy as you dance and converts it to electricity, Egyptian sarcophagus and mummy at the Bass Museum of Art and contemporary landscapes by today’s age digital artists at the Bakehouse Art Complex.

To boost it all up, Delta and American Airlines are also offering a $64 one-way rate to Miami when you book at least two weeks in advance.

Reason enough !!

Participating Attractions are listed below:

– Art Center/South Florida

– Bakehouse Art Complex

– Bass Museum of Art

– Black Police Precinct & Court House Museum

– The Haitian Heritage Museum

– Historical Museum of Southern Florida

– Jewish Museum of Florida

– Lowe Art Museum

– Miami Art Museum

– Miami Beach Botanical Garden

– Miami Children’s Museum

– Miami Science Museum

– Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

– The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

– The Wolfsonian-FIU

Shepard Fairey Wants to Paste his Next Exhibition to the Sides of New York Buildings

Shepard Fairey and his famed Obama portrait

Today, Shepard Fairey, the once co-founder of BLK/MRKT Inc. (1997-2003) – which worked with high-brow clients like Pepsi, Hasbro, and Netscape – is so popular from his HOPE portrait of Barack Obama that he’s walking door to door at Deitch Projects in New York, searching for building owners that will premiss him to use their exterior wall-space for his exhibition this May.

This is a new relatively new concept to this contemporary artist, who admits to being arrested, getting locked up overnight, and a sentencing of two years probation for his past (illicitly performed) building pastings, which he accomplished long before a retrospective at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Boston

And, while many aren’t too keen on the artist’s vision, he tries his best to offer the building owners a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of the urban landscape, and to experience art as a part of the current OBEY phenomenon. Even though the over-sized stickers could remain for years to come, several cities have already granted the urban artist permission to paste in Boston, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. Now, as May rolls around the corner, millions of Shepard Fairey fans are hoping to see the newest exhibition of modern-day artistic talent.

Perhaps Fairey should bring Obama for some assistance; after all, he did get a lot out of the famed portrait.