The New Season Of Lost

Lost The Final Season

The anticipation is probably the worst anyone has every seen: Who wasn’t stressing over the plethora of questions that pop up during the tumultuous plot of Lost? It seems like every episode was just another suitcase that never was completely unpacked. And since this is the final season, everyone was hoping for some clarification. But, right when everyone is ready to see what’s hidden behind the curtain, they roll out a two part premiere of soap-opera worthy drama while managing to reveal very little about the bigger picture.

They showed the parallel universe and how everything was solved by the bomb; and yet, at the same time, not at all. The majority of the premiere was taken up by dramatic Sawyer, longing for his love, whose blood is allegedly on Jack’s hands. He swears, looks angry, looks sad – cries and screams – and eventually dances with the Doctor.

The Cast

And finally, by the end of part 1, it appears that the show that was once a concentration of justified suspense and vindicated confusion is now a shallow piece of entertainment, drained of it’s depth and suffering from a plot quite drenched with petty drama between the characters.

If the cerebrum of the show doesn’t pick up, then it looks like Lost may risk losing the mental fan base – or at least those who spend more time looking up references from the show than actually watching it.

It wasn’t enough to lose fans, but it wasn’t a great way to remind everyone why they were fascinated in the first place.