Organic Food Choices You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Organic foods are still the best choice for your health

With all of the news about organic food not being healthier for you consumers have been receiving mixed signals lately.  But the truth is there are still harmful chemicals that are being used on non-organic foods that we should stay away from in order to be healthy and fight disease.

Smart food choices can help improve your diet and your health.  For example, it has been reported by nutritionists that the average American consumes only two to ten percent of their required daily fiber each day.  The recommended amount is thirty four percent.  Fiber helps cleanse the body of toxins, reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease, and lowers cholesterol.

There are three organic foods that should be at the top of your shopping list for healthier eating.  The first being of course beans for the fact that these carry the most fiber content your body needs.  Any bean will do.  And if gas is a problem, products like Beano will help alleviate that.  Also rinse any canned beans thoroughly before cooking them.  Dried beans should be soaked in water overnight and also rinsed.  This removes the sugars that come out of the beans, which cause gas.

The second great organic food choice would be tomatoes.  Tomatoes contain lycopene, another cancer fighting agent, and can be used in a variety of dishes.  You can purchase these fresh or canned, but be sure the canned variety is low sodium or none.

The third great organic food choice would be natural sweeteners like Agave, Maple Syrup, and Stevia.  Although raw cane sugar is better than refined white sugar, it still turns into fat in the body.  Try these alternatives for a lower calorie dessert or beverage.

Making the switch to organic eating can be simple and affordable with proper planning, coupons, sales and cutting down on snack foods.  There are many recipes available online at natural food stores that can also get your diet on the right track and reduce the amount of chemicals found in regular foods.