Free Arts of Arizona Provides Positive Creative Outlet for Child Abuse Victims

A sculpture painted at a Free Arts of Arizona seminar for children is shown on display at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Free Arts of Arizona has been working for 15 years to help victims of child abuse develop creative ways to express themselves, develop a sense of self worth, and restore the trust and confidence in themselves and those around them necessary to overcome traumatic past experiences.

For many child abuse victims, the work of Free Arts of Arizona plays a major part in the child’s recovery process.  The impact of child abuse goes far beyond the scars and bruises one receives at home.  Abuse has a profound impact on a child’s social development, their ability to trust others, confidence, self-esteem, academic performance and many other areas essential toward one’s development into a healthy adult.  Child abuse often occurs in a cyclical fashion from one generation to the next; many perpetrators of child abuse were victims of abuse themselves as children.  Because of this, it is crucial for those who suffer the psychological scars of child abuse to develop ways to channel negative and destructive thoughts and emotions into a constructive form of expression.

Free Arts of Arizona is a charitable organization whose goal is to help child abuse victims channel their emotions through forms of creative arts.  Free Arts of Arizona accepts secure online donations in any amount small or large at the Free Arts of Arizona website.  Additionally, individuals 16 and over may attend a program orientation to learn about opportunities to serve as a volunteer, following an interview, fingerprint background check, and completion of program volunteer training.