Taking your time, might be time well spent.

By: Stacy Liberatore

As little girls we are read stories of damsels in distress waiting for their knight in shining armor to ride in and save them on their white horse. We grow up playing dress up and pretending that we are the pretty, pretty princess.

Then we get older and realize that it all happened once upon a time in a land far-far away. Yet, that idea still sits on the back burner of our thoughts. We believe the idea that Mr. Right does exist and he has to be out there somewhere waiting for us to just cross his path or him cross ours.

 Waiting, instead of perusing, might be the road worth traveling. Most of us have had front row seats to the dating game, the place where the saying “on to the next” has become words to live by. Then you reach the point where you just settle for someone who you know isn’t right for you. But he might have a nice smile and he may open the door and pick up the check. Which are all good qualities, but he doesn’t give you that over the park home run feeling.

Everyone wants that fairytale romance and the sooner is always better.  But instead of using all your energy on finding a man, use this time to find yourself.  Do what you enjoy the most; Take up a new hobby or spend more time with friends.

The more you learn about yourself before taking the leap into a committed relationship, the more successful that relationship will be in the future. The less time you spend on” operation find the right man”, the more you might just find out about yourself and life.  In reality no one was ever been upset that they took their time when it came to finding Mr. Right. Only do we get upset and frustrated with lovers and ourselves is when you rush into things.

Sometimes we are so anxious to find Mr. Right that we lose ourselves in the process.  He is out there and he will always be out there, however you need to find yourself before you find him.  Going from man to man hoping this one might be different will only leave you more and more disappointed.

Try avoiding those who you think are the one for you and go with your heart; wait for the one who you know is the one right for you. This is the time when you need to tell your brain to take the bench and let your heart take the lead.

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