Teams of High-Schoolers Race To Create at the Wiregrass Museum of Art

Wireglass Museum of Art in Dothan, Alabama

Six teams from six different high schools were invited to Project Installation, a reality-type concept where teams were pitted against one another in a race to create art.  They spent the night of Feb. 26th locked away in the Wiregrass Museum of Art, with only twenty-four hours available to create their piece.

Imani Purcell, a student from Dothan High said that they were forced to improvise during the competition, which made the process extremely difficult. She explained how the team’s brainstorm lasted for nearly 30 minutes as they planned out their list of materials, and quickly found a way to get them.

Themes like ‘power and water’ and ‘community’ inspired participants to exert their best energy as they tried to accomplish something special. Some students became so invested in the project that they literally put themselves in the work; one particular case involved a Abbeville High School student, who was wrapped up in tape, so that a full-body cast was left standing when she was cut out and released.

Imani Purcell Discussed the Event

Upon completion, each team presented their finished work in a formal critique, in much the same manner as a true artist-in-training. And though everyone who participated took a great deal from this experience, there will be only one winner come March 2nd; on that day, a victor will be chosen, the art will be put on display, and visitors will receive an open invitation to come view the marvelous high-school masterpieces until the 27th of March.

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