Teething on Mothers Jewelry, No Problem

This necklace is 100% safe for the baby teething stage

Mothers concerned about losing their jewels and bangles to their teething babies do not have to worry anymore. The latest jewelry fad to hit the shelves is jewelry made specifically with mothers of young babies in mind.

Anyone who has held a teething baby knows that anything will go into the babies’ mouths. Fortunately this issue is being addressed and jewelry is now being sold that is FDA approved and safe for children to chew.

Not only is the jewelry safe for kids but it is fun and trendy as well. The jewelry currently comes as a bracelet, necklace with a pendant and a heart shaped key chain. The beading on the jewelry is ribbed for a more textured chew for the children. Jewelry retails from around $12 to $20. The jewelry comes in scents as well from mango to berry.

It is considerably safer for a child to chew on jewelry designed with their teething habits in mind, however it is argued that teething jewelry could turn into a bad habit that is hard to break. Eventually mothers will want to don their real pearls and hopefully their baby will not think it is simply a vanilla flavored necklace.

The jewelry is designed by Helen Bloom Smith and her partners. Smith is a dentist from Arizona and donates part of the profits to the Starlight Foundation to help ill children.

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  1. Interesting read – but I can’t help but wonder why a parent wouldn’t keep the jewelry in a drawer when they’re holding their baby. Great job covering it – and glad that the founder donates (Thanks for including that tid bit).

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