The Apple of Technology’s Eye

Which will YOU choose?

Apple vs Microsoft - At home or on the go.

It is hard to believe that the most important and popular technology is no longer something that is plugged into (and even mounted on) the wall or sitting on your desk. The oldest generation, the great-grandparents and grandparents, still remember when the television was first invented. My parents generation can remember when that television turned from black and white to color. The twenty-some generation will say they can remember when flat screen was the only screen to have, more thin the better, maybe even 3D or LED, with blu-ray of course. Not only that, but which technology company is putting out the latest handheld device and which is creating the best and fastest software. And that is exactly what it has came down to between Apple and Microsoft.

For about two decades, Microsoft has been the number one name in the technology market. With popular items such as the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft has managed to dominate the relationship people have with their computers. This was reflected in their stock market capitalization. Although recently Wall Street has released it’s new top spot holder, Apple. Wednesday, May 26th will be a day that Apple is sure to never forget. At the close of the stock trading session, Apple’s capitalization was at a very impressive $222 billion! While Microsoft hung back in Apple’s shadow at an unusual number two, closing at $219 billion. There is no guarantee that Apple will remain on top, but the facts show that their products are what’s in and what’s hot.

Apple has managed to rise to tech stardom with just one letter, I. The iPod, iPad, iTouch and iPhones are the reasons Apple has become the world’s most valuable technology company. They are also the prime example of the shift from desktop computing to mobile computing. If you work on the go, you most likely have Apple to thank for that possibility. They also have capitalized on the music industry, not just with the gadgets, but the popular software iTunes.

Still, Microsoft remains a compelling, confident, profitable company in the tech world. Their windows software runs on 9 out of every 10 computers and more than 500 million people use the Microsoft Office suite software daily.

No one can predict the future, but Apple seems to be leading the way.

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