U.S. Agriculture Exports Are On The Rise

Corn is one of the biggest export products from the U.S.

Agriculture in the United States could see a big boost over the next year as the U.S. Department of Agriculture aggressively promotes exporting fruit products to countries like China and Canada.

Currently there is a large demand for our agricultural produce such as fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts, especially in Hong Kong.  Since the beginning of 2010 there have been $5.9 billion in export sales, which is a $200 million increase from last year.

The growing number of exports has been a major plus to the economy and speaks well of the products we are delivering.  The USDA expects those numbers to continue to increase as the Obama administration continues to pursue export relationships with other countries.

The most popular commodities grown in the United States so far have been wheat and corn with cotton and nuts also in high demand.  Countries like Russia and China have such a low harvest rate on these items that is cheaper to buy from abroad, which is great news for the United States.

With so many areas in the world having a decreased agricultural demand the United States is about to make a major impact on food supply, which benefits our farmers and foreign relations.

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