U.S. Continues to Support Israeli Security, Even Though They Want To Build in East Jerusalem

Ehud Barak is happy to still have the U.S. at is back

Today, Obama reassured that U.S. support for Israeli security will continue regardless of the rising tension regarding a Jewish settlement being constructed in East Jerusalem. Robert Gibbs, one of the president’s spokesman, said that Obama expressed his determination to establish peace in the Middle East to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, while they attended a meeting at the White House with U.S. National Security Adviser, James Jones.

James Jones feels remorse for his tasteless joke

Such comments have been long awaited since Israel’s municipal officials claimed that the government had essentially frozen any settlement construction that would be carried out in the discordant East Jerusalem. Though U.S. officials had no prompt comments on this issue, settlement building had been a major issue in Washington last month, when Israel announced an enormous housing development plan for East Jerusalem, during one of Vice President Joe Biden’s recent visits.

P.J. Crowley, State Department spokesman refused to discuss what Israel was reporting to the U.S. in regards to Jewish construction. He explained how both sides are being asked to rebuild trust and facilitate enough momentum to really gain some ground for peace talks. Perhaps the trust was shaken by a recent joke about a “Jewish merchant,” made by James Jones, which managed to stir up some critical distraction after many expressed explicit offense to the off-the-cuff comedic blurb. Fortunately, for the sake of inflating a touchy subject, Jones’ speech was not a presidential event, meaning that there was no stenographer present to record the U.S. Security Adviser with a not-so-kosher foot in his mouth.

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