Volkswagen wants to be number 1

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Coming on the heels of the recent Toyota recalls, Volkwagen recently unveiled an ambitious plan to overtake Toyota as the world’s biggest car company before the end of the decade.  VW currently stands as the third largest automaker, behind Toyota and General Motors.  With its new plan, VW aims to sell 10 million vehicles by 2018, which is over 3 million cars more than it sold in 2009 (6.3 million, if you were wondering).  Somewhere in the middle of now and 2018, they hope to sell 8 million vehicles.  This would put them still under the 8.27 million Toyota projects to sell this year, but supposedly would be on par with their overall goals.

The announcement comes at a crucial moment for Toyota.  The company is currently mired by massive recalls due to cars that are unintentionally accelerating.  While VW probably did not plan to capitalize on Toyota’s current woes, it undoubtedly makes their goals presently more feasible.  The plan also does not factor in VW’s recent takeover of Porsche, who, as it turns out, tried to take over its much larger German peer.  Much can happen in the next eight years, but as long as VW isn’t putting out cars that go all Speed Racer on their drivers, there’s no reason to believe their plan can’t ultimately succeed.

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