Walt Disney Imagineers Demonstrate the New Features of the Cruise Ship Dream

During a recent public demonstration at the headquarters of Walt Disney Imagineers, the company announced their plans to line the decks of the Dream,  their latest cruise ship -launching early next year – with over 20 pieces of moving artwork, and two interactive floors of youth-oriented play areas.

The “enchanted art” will be displayed on large LCD screens that sit inside a glass case, surrounded by a frame that hides the speakers and motion-detecting camera. In one example of these state-of-the-art works of technological artistry, there is a photograph of Walt Disney lounging on the beach of Rio de Janeiro. When a passenger stands in front of it, it will show “The Three Caballeros” dashing comedically over the landscape. The art will also feature motion-detection capabilities that echo the Nintendo Wii, which will enable children to participate in mini-games as part of a shipboard scavenger hunt. Cruisers will scour the premises in search of the Disney villain responsible for the missing pieces of art, or stolen Dalmatian puppies. Glowing pads placed around the perimeter of two interactive floor mats will also encourage the kids to play games that feature characters from “Bolt,” “Tron,” and “Princess and the Frog.”

Children give the interactive floor a test run

And as far as eating goes, no cruiser will ever forget the “Finding Nemo” restaurant, called the Animator’s Palate, which is expected to flaunt over 700 seats inside a studio-themed eatery that comes to life during dinner.

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