Washington D.C. Adds A Splash Of Color

Niki de Saint Phalle Sculpture

Washington D.C. is in for an eye-opening, splash of color, as the National Museum of Woman in the Arts prepares to unveil a vibrant display of sculpture along New York Avenue.  The, larger-than-life fiberglass figures are the works of the late French sculptor, Niki de Saint Phalle, and promise to liven up this stretch of road. 

The project features four scenes, with sculptures up to 15 feet high, in vibrant hues that are sure to cause a stir.  The museum hopes to create renewed interest and desire to expand this area of town.  The intent is to decorate five major strips into sculpture islands.  The entire project will take 5 years to complete and will run from 13th street to 9th street, giving some unique character to this, otherwise dull area.

This contemporary art project will feature only woman artists, and will change and transform regularly.  The National Museum of Woman in the Arts is raising their glass, in a big way, by showcasing these pieces.

Washington’s culture isn’t exactly hip and new and this will add a fresh touch to the monuments in place.  These first sculptures will feature robust woman in bathing suits and even a depiction of basketball legend, Michael Jordan. 

The city is totally behind the project and welcomes the exhibit with open arms.  Wanting to update the overall impression of D.C. is driving this enthusiasm, and the hope is that the public responds with excitement. 

For more of  Niki de Saint Phalle works check out the Stravinsky Fountain located in Paris, or just walk down the, newly adorned streets of Washington D.C.

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  1. While conducting a Google Images search on Niki de Saint Phalle I ran across this image. I recognized it immediately because I took it.

    The image is being used without permission. I’d like credit for the photo, or I’d like it removed.

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