Watermelon And Summertime Just Go Together

There are over 1200 varieties of watermelon in the world

Enter a beautiful summer day in a neighborhood full of playing children with a large cut up watermelon and you are sure to be surrounded by new friends eager to grab a slice of the sweet and juicy fruit.  This is why this tropical plant, which originated from Africa, has become one of the most popular picks of the season.

Watermelon can be found in just about any country these days, and is grown in places like Asia, Africa, Mexico, the United States, and even Russia. This amazing fruit contains six percent sugar and the rest is water.  But the nutrition and fiber is pretty high.  Watermelon is high in beta-carotene and lycopene, which are great cancer fighters.

When you think of the watermelon it is common to imagine a large, round green fruit with a red flesh interior and black seeds.  But that is not the only variety available.  In fact there are over 1200 different types of watermelon that exist today.  A popular find in most grocery stores is the seedless watermelon grown in Mexico, which can range anywhere from a cantaloupe size up to one larger than a basketball.  You can also find yellow watermelons, which are sweeter than red ones and have a slight honey flavor; and oblong watermelons that are also super sweet.

Whichever variety of watermelon you choose you will be sure to please just about any palette.  This is also a very versatile fruit that goes great with any barbecue, wedding, or any other occasion.

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