What’s in store for the GOP?

With the Republican Party’s generally vehement opposing Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plans, many think it is an inevitable downslide for the party, caused by the party’s unwillingness to come to agreement with the a much needed plan.

All are well aware of the likelihood of the bill passing with Republican consent. If it does pass, it will be totally without any support.

Professor Julian E. Zelizer

But is there really so much at stake for the Republicans if they continue to actively fight this reform bill?

In an article on CNN addressing this very point, Professor Julian E. Zelizer says that it could be a long term benefit for the party.

Firstly, if the bill does prove to be a failure, there will be decisive statement made by the Republican Party saying they knew it all along and that the Democrats are at fault.Even now, it has successfully inspired the creation of the Tea Party movement which has definitely proved to have a political and social voice.

Meanwhile, a more tangible result benefiting the GOP side is that the whole campaign waged by the Democrats has totally wound up the rest of the Democratic agenda.

However, if the legislation proves to have been a correct move, the Republicans are once again going to be judged harshly. Various Republican presidents in the past century have needed to defend their position after they cameout against certain proposals which later proved to be useful

The United States Congress with a current Democratic majority


But even without that worry, Professor Zelizer warns that other issues seem to be crippling the party’s favor in the public’s eye.

He says that the Republican Party has lost its unity from within, caused (and causing more) ideological gaps.  It seems as though the party has lost a lot of its unique principles which made it stand out and which made all its members a part of a bigger group of conformers to that belief.

The Republican party, argues the professor, is in urgent need to regroup during these years of Obama’s term to rethink and rewrite their opinions and philosophies that will comply and assist with the modern day challenges.

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