‘World’s Most Expensive TV’ Boasts Gold And Diamonds

You were so proud the day you brought home your 56″ LCD TV. You envisioned being the talk of the neighborhood, the envy of every Superbowl party. Men would stare, women would blush. You would be “the man”. But sadly, it looks like you’re just “man”, because now there is a line of televisions that blast all other flat screens out of the water.¬†You can protest that your surround sound is state of the art, that your wall-mounted flat screen and impeccable lighting put all other home theaters to shame. But do you have the “worlds most expensive TV” coated with gold and diamonds? Didn’t think so.

Despite daily reports of the struggling economy and faltering unemployment rates, there is clearly a portion of the population not batting an eye at scooping up monstrously ostentatious and gaudy gadgets. Much like the diamond-encrusted iPad, the

World's Most Expensive TV

, made by Stuart Hughes company, takes home electronics to an unforeseen height. This television, retailing at $2.25 million (no that’s not a typo) gets is monetary weight courtesy of a base and outer frame made of 18 carat rose gold, an outer frame that boasts 72 brilliant round-cut 1carat IF Flawless diamonds and sunstone and amethysts, an inner-screen layer of hand-sewn alligator skin, and the luxury of a limited run of only three TVs.

You’re surely thinking that you could never afford such an incredible piece of gadgetry. Don’t worry, there’s a lower-end piece that is just right for the more economically-minded consumer. Stuart Hughes offers the PrestigeHD SUPREME Edition with a mere 48 diamonds and a modest price tag of only $1.5 million. Bargain shopping at its best.

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