Written by: Mike Demertzis

Hunger is the way the body continues to function by sending a message to the brain that it is running low on fuel, which in turn compels you to eat and start the process of digestion which converts the solid matter you are stuffing in your mouth to energy.


I know, a bit of a callus way to state an otherwise simple process but lets be real, if you ever watched a person chew and swallow, there is no elegance to it regardless of the surroundings or what you are eating.


Which brings me to an interesting point, you are basically made up of what you eat. In order to understand this you have to start at the beginning. The body is a complex and versatile machine that runs and regenerates itself by turning plants and animals (sorry PETA) into fuel that enables it to perform complex actions.


Although this may sound simple it is actually difficult due to something called taste buds on the back of your tongue, which interpret what you are eating as sweet, sour, tasty, and so on. The problem here is, the way a food is prepared dictates how your taste buds react. Which allows us into believing eating freeze dried noodles otherwise known as Ramen are good, when in fact they are loaded with bad fuel. The operative word being bad.


Since your body is using this fuel to regenerate itself it should be obvious that bogus material creates a weak structure. The key here is to listen to your body since it knows what you are eating, not your mouth. It is safe to believe anything that is grown in soil in the country or organic environment is going to be good for you. Plants and vegetables are loaded with good fuel such as minerals, vitamins and proteins that your body uses to perform the afore mentioned actions. Items like sugary colorful cereal, soft white bread, sweet carbonated drinks or other smartly packaged items found in vending machines are processed and made to taste good but are not good for you.


So the next time you find yourself having to run to an elevator before the doors close or walk up a couple of flights of steps to the upper deck of the stadium to get to your seat and find yourself tired and out of breath, ask yourself a simple question. What have I been using for fuel?

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